What is Voice Over and Types of Voice Over? [Do You Know?]

Do you hear any insubstantial voices right now? How about when you are watching a show, movie, or commercial? Have you ever noticed that what you are hearing is known as a voice-over? They show up all over media, either for informative or entertainment reasons; from your television to even your phone when you are put on hold. So what is voice over and types of voice over? Here we will unfold many things about it.

If you have not thought about just what actually voice over can do for you and your project, then obviously, you are still considering the money it will ask you to invest. If hiring a reputed voice-over company still feels kind of unreal to you, here is something that you need to know.

What is Voice Over?

Voice over is a production method where a voice is recorded for off-screen use. While prominently utilized to refer to movies and television, the right voice over can also be utilized for telephone services, along with other informational services.

Now that you know what is voice over, let’s go through the types of voice over.

Types of Voice Over

1. Presentation Voice Over:

What makes a presentation with voice over better than a traditional one? For one thing, this will influence your viewers as it will break the monotony of your slide presentation. A voice-over narration will assist keep your viewer’s concentrate on your slide which is essential during presentations. Combining images or graphics in your PowerPoint presentation with a voice-over is actually better compared to texts because this will assist viewers to understand the explanation better. There are many advantages of adding voice-overs in presentations.

2. Male Voice Over:

A male voice-over or you can also consider high-grade dubbing is basically used for selling products that are focused on male consumers and females as well. Male voices are considered to be more commanding and authoritative, and most of the time male voice-over happens to convince the audience more effortlessly.

If your product is related to cars, the newest gadgets, or computers, then a male-voice over is a good option; that is typically the audience interested in those products.

3. IVR Voice Over:

Casting the right voice for your IVR phone system can make all the difference when its the matter of fostering customer loyalty and deepening connection with your brand. Your brand’s auto attendant may be a customer’s first ever medium of contact with your brand. Whether that voice leaves a positive or negative impact can be a complicated factor as this analyzes whether the caller returns to you in the future or takes their business elsewhere. This is where you get to know the importance of voice over.

Through the tone of your hold music and messaging, you have the chance to put customers in a good mood, remove their stress, and perhaps, momentarily entertain them. Being put on hold can be a pain, so customers will get impressed if the hold message or music can make them chuckle or calm their nerves. When done fabulously, this can lead to a far smoother interaction.

4. E-learning Voice Over:

Including a voice-over in your e-learning course not only adds high value to the product but also an effective tool to attract more customers and increase your profit. The powerful role of voice over assists users master new knowledge faster as it makes it more personal. Another advantage of an e-learning voice over is that it can increase the learner’s engagement. Using the right audio in your e-learning course can make it even more emotional, memorable, and engaging for online learners.

This can lead to greater knowledge retention and absorption which also assists to increase the benefits of the e-learning course.

5. Documentary Voice Over:

With all the passion and thought that goes into the creation of documentaries, the voice-over is an important aspect. Voice over documentary is an art, and the role of the voice over is important to the success of the film. A reputed voice over company can help you to convey the mood, engage the audience, and set the tone. All the visuals can be perfect and the right voice can complement it to make it even better. However, the wrong voice can set the wrong tone and hurt the sentiments of the audience.

6. Corporate Voice Over:

A corporate voice over added to any corporate production piece puts the actual signature of the brand. Whether it is a video or audio piece for external use to the public or an internal piece for employees, utilizing the correct voice-over can make all the difference in accomplishing the goals you have set out.

Companies primarily hire voice-overs or trustworthy language service providers in two main situations. The first being internal purposes and the second is obviously external. Internal production that utilizes voice over consist of explainer videos, which can range from instructional video to how-to. The external pieces generally fall into branding and advertising categories.

7. Podcast Voice Over:

Using a voice other than your own for your intro can set up your content as a valuable and separate entity. Think of being introduced at a conference, or in front of any group. Someone else making the introduction can influence people better than you.

Hiring a voice over professional to record your intro can likewise give credibility to your show, along with a layer of professionalism and sophistication. Your audience is welcomed by a voice that goes with your brand, with a polished, perfectly-timed reading.

Wrapping It Up:

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