Why Companies Charge Advance Payment for Content Writing?

Full upfront payment for content writing has become a common trend these days. Majority of content writing companies are found to charge an advance payment method for any small or bulk assignment. But, have you ever wondered why? This blog highlights detailed information that will pacify your urge to know why all content writing agencies working on a 100% advance payment method. So, scroll down and get started.

Why Clients Resist From Making An Advance Payment?

Before going any further, let us first of all, understand why clients refrain from making an upfront payment for content writing projects.

Since the content writing work is outsourced to a vendor, the client is unaware of the trustworthiness and quality offered by the writer.

Hence, the client is always worried about the quality of work he would receive.

He worries that the writer won’t make any changes in the content, once the payment is made in advance.

All of these points are quite valid and no one can justify, in any manner, that the client is wrong. Having said that, we cannot ignore the pain, efforts and time involved in creative website content writing, research-based blog writing, creating a global content etc.

Why It Makes Sense To Make Full Payment In Advance?

We have always heard that content is the ruler king. But, when it is about paying for the content in advance, it becomes one of the most underrated things for the clients. When content is known to be the biggest parameter for the growth of your online business, don’t you think you should avoid making excuses about not making an upfront payment?

Here are some reasons that justify this –

1. Website Content Needs Research

You plan of launching your business online, have created your website, but you are unable to attract genuine traffic towards your website. Reason? Amongst different reasons, poor quality content is the biggest reason why your website isn’t providing good results.

If you consider your website content to be a serious matter, you will clearly understand that writing website content for different industries, for example, travel-based content writing in Canada requires a thorough understanding of your business plus how your competitors are portraying their brand. Based on the complete research, an authentic and engaging copy of the content is delivered to you, which actually sells.

So, when the writer is taking so much pain to help your brand outrun your competitors, it is your responsibility to at least support the writer or agency by paying in advance.

2. Reference Links Are Not A Big Help

Often clients provide reference links and demand that the content they are looking for should be similar to that in the provided link(s). Here, the clients must note that completely referring to the reference link is just like copying the exact content in the exact same style, tone and context. Hence, it turns to be a plagiarized copy of the content. Such type of content can risk your brand image.

In addition to this, there are certain situations where the clients provide a reference link of a blog containing 600 words (for example) and demand it to convert it into 2000+ words content for their website blog. Now the point here is that even if the writer doesn’t give a heck about the damage to your brand image (due to a completely referred content), the remaining 1400+ words have to be researched and created in a unique manner.

Any recognized agency, known for reliable content writing in China, India and other worldwide locations would never ever provide you a plagiarized content and make maximum efforts in the research part. You need to neglect this thought that since you are providing reference links, the writer has nothing to do on his own and that he doesn’t deserve to be paid in advance.

3. Advance-Paid Projects Are Prioritized

No matter you are hiring a freelance writer or content writing agency, you will always notice that the projects which have been paid in advance will be given much preference. Obviously, if you have been paid in advance, you will have the major responsibility of completing the assignment before the expected delivery timeline. So, the writers, by default, prioritize the advance paid projects.

4. Post-Payment Projects Are Always a Loss For The Company

Clients who do not pay in advance are often very confused about whether or not they need the content. So, while the work is in progress, the clients ask for stopping the assignment. Some of them pay for the completed part, while some refrain from paying as the work was stopped in the middle. In both the cases, it is the company and the writer who suffers. The time wasted in writing quality blog posts or content for such a client could have been utilized in writing for the clients who have paid in advance.

This clearly defines why companies ask for advance payment and why should clients actively participate in paying full advance payment for the project.

Take a Step To Pay In Advance

Do you know more a company fears forgery more than you? In any situation where you feel that you have been deceived, you can always claim and recover your money from a registered company. But, the company won’t be able to do the same with you as you are an individual. So, you must respect a content writing firm and pay in advance.

Trust always travel two-ways. You need to trust the company and make the upfront payment, in order to make sure that the company also believes and trust you. The more you show trust to the company, the more trust and quality you will get in your content. At TridIndia, we take care of your requirements, quality preferences and other parameters. So, we always provide authentic content at pocket-friendly content writing charges to be paid in advance. Contact us right away and get the right copy of content that helps you grow business.

For more details, get in touch with us right away, call us at +91-8527599523 or mail us at [email protected]


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