Which is The Best Service For YouTube Videos Transcription?

The business world is evolving and so is the customer acquisition strategies. Right from word-of-mouth to YouTube videos transcription, the tactics used by a business owner to persuade customers has completely revolutionized. This is specifically done to cater to the digital age customers, who spend the maximum amount of their time on social media, especially YouTube, browsing videos in different languages.

Hence, if you are a business owner, you must also focus on transcribing business videos on YouTube as it will not spread awareness about your brand, but also persuade your customers to buy.

Avoid Automatic Transcription For YouTube Videos

When you search for reliable video transcription online, you may certainly be lured with the automatic transcription feature offered by YouTube. If you are used to uploading business promotion videos on YouTube, you might have noticed the speech recognition software that offers automatic transcription, claiming almost perfect editing. The moment you upload the videos, the automatic features begins its work and transcribes most of the videos.

Although the transcript delivery is almost instant, the accuracy is not guaranteed.

Accuracy majorly depends on the disturbance and noise in the video. Hence, automatic transcription will not be accurate if the audio is not audible or difficult to understand.

Any glitch in the accuracy can cost you a lot, and being a business owner, you cannot afford that. So, never ever rely on any sort of automatic transcription.

Manual Transcription For YouTube Videos

Contrary to automatic transcription, there exists, manual transcription, which is handled by professional experts for a variety of videos in diverse languages. Whether it is English to Hindi transcription, Hindi to Urdu transcription or any other language pair, with manual transcription, you can be rest assured that all your needs for transcription will be fulfilled.

Benefits Of Manual Transcription Over Automatic Transcription

Do you know –

Almost 1,300,000,000 people use YouTube on a worldwide scale.
Every single day, nearly 5 billion videos are watched globally on YouTube.
Every minute, YouTube gets 300 hours of video uploaded.

With such interesting statistics about YouTube videos, do you think you actually have room for making any mistake?

For every smart business owner, the answer is no. For every smart business owner, the answer is no. You need to opt for Youtube transcription solutions, handled by multilingual transcribers manually, who make sure that the transcript added to the video appeals to a global mass of audience.

Hence, all you get is a range of benefits, like the ones mentioned below –

♦ 99.99% accuracy
♦ Imparts SEO value to your video
♦ Does not transcribe word-to-word
♦ Adapt the transcript as per the local audience
♦ Captions appear in sync with the audio
♦ Clearly portray the implied meaning

Most of the transcription companies would offer you these benefits; all you need to do is to select the right transcription provider, like TridIndia that possesses years of experience in transcribing all kinds of videos for YouTube in all Indian and foreign languages. No matter how noisy the background is, our team prepares well-formatted transcripts in any language you desire.

While transcribing, we also make sure that the target language and cultural nuances are better understood, so that the final transcript appeals to the target audience.

SEO Friendly YouTube Video Transcripts And Captions

At Tridindia, we not just transcribe your YouTube videos, but also make them SEO friendly. We truly understand the significance of online presence for your business. Hence, we make sure that the final output of transcription is aligned with SEO guidelines and algorithms. As mentioned or suggested by you, we even include specific keywords or phrases in the transcript so that your video appears in the top search results for those specific keywords or phrases.

Additionally, we are also an ideal platform to outsource captioning in India for the very fact that we also serve you with quality captioning solutions for your videos uploaded on YouTube or any other video-sharing platform.

In simple words, we do not believe in regular transcription that you will easily find anywhere in the market. We offer you quality, accuracy, timely delivery and something extra, in terms of language-specific closed captions for global audience and SEO assurance. So, don’t just transcribe, make sure your videos appear on the top with TridIndia’s transcription and captioning solutions.

Call us today to know more about our services call us at +91-8527599223 or mail us at [email protected]


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