Why is Clinical Research Translation So Important? [3 Crucial Points]

Clinical research is being conducted today on a global level. It has never been convenient for professionals across the world to collaborate on innovative pharmaceutical and medical research projects. As this global clinical research industry grows, so too does the requirement for experienced clinical research translation solutions. So, don’t you think knowing why is clinical research translation so important for you is a must?

Clinical research and observations are complicated to the furtherance of humanity’s medical knowledge. Today though, many clinical researches are conducted all across the globe-spanning cultures and regions- necessitating the involvement of advanced language solutions to make sure all participants and researchers can communicate properly. This is beyond important. After all, almost any information niched to a specified trial has the ability to cause serious harm to research participants if badly understood: inaccurately translated clinical research can lead to serious reputational and economic harm which can befall any firm which hosts clinical researches outside their country of origin continuing to grow- it is estimated that about 33% of the trials conducted by the largest twenty US pharmaceutical companies happen outside of the country, for instance- the need to appropriately plan and add the translation of clinical research is more important than ever.

Therefore it’s important that you consider top medical translation solutions.

The Importance Of Clinical Research Translation

Medical translation solutions play an important role in clinical research. When a sponsor or CRO does a clinical study in a different country, many of the documents which are generated locally require to be translated back into the actual language for the use of the clinical research links that manage the study.

Companies that host clinical testing globally need that clinical trials to conform to the World Medical Association’s Declaration of Helsinki. These ethics committees need that the investigator must deliver the information, whether in writing or orally, in a language that is clearly understood by the people involved in clinical studies. This generally includes the translation of the Informed Consent Form to the local language.

For multi-center studies conducted in various countries, the ICF may require to translation into different languages. By hiring a top-notch translation company in Chandigarh you can get everything of high quality.

1. Ensures Trial Participants Have a Complete Understanding

A Clinical Trial Protocol is the document in which a trial’s methods, goals, organization, and designs are described. Without this clear action of understanding, the risk of miscommunication and consequent harm to participant study and health success is high. CTPs are very complicated, specialized documents that need careful use of language to convey instructions with precision. However, it is essential to note that a CTP may be intended for many different audiences. Most probably, a CTP may have to contain clear appended guidelines for instructions and communications for both participants and researchers. These two groups will have a varied level of understanding of precise medical terms. Hence, the language utilized will have to be carefully tailored. This might have show you why is medical translation important for accuracy.

Of course, as well as CTPs, there are an array of other types which trial participants need to be able to interact with proper understanding. These might involve data collection forms, informed consent forms, and many others.

2. The Reach

In recent years, many clinical trials are not held in their country of origin. The 20 largest pharmaceutical companies located in the US conduct one-third of their clinical trial entirely in foreign locations. It has also been found that most study websites are outside of the US. This shift to holding international trials means proper translation solutions are essential to accurately implement and showcase the result of a clinical trial.

Foreign trial locations may have various cultures and languages which can lead to confusion. A clinical translator can also assist interpret PROs. To make use of a clinical translator appropriately, you need to know how to choose language translation agency appropriately.

3. Increases The Global Information Pool

A great deal of leading medical research is recorded as well as done in English. But there are also massive volumes in German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and many other languages. If all uncover every individual research team remained in restrictive silos of language, every study would require to be completed in each language. Only by making discoveries mutually intelligible- to a great degree of scientific description- is it possible for research terms working in various languages to learn from and build on each others’ work. Just put, anyone who needs to use the procedures and practices developed by researchers working in a varied language requires to have access to them in a language they can know.

While it may be influencing to conduct a trial without proper translation, this is the wrong course of action to take. Skipping appropriate translation of clinical trial efforts to decrease time or cost spend on a trial can be detrimental to a trial’s result. Translation solutions should be involved at many stages, involving regulator submission and review, clinical research, marketing, and production.

Increasing your trial’s quality with crucial benefits of medical translation can in fact save more money and time than skipping this essential step. Decreasing the possibilities of facing a lawsuit or rejection by regulators are two more advantages of using a well-qualified translation solution. But the security of the final product and the trial itself should always be a company’s top preference.


Translating the medically-complicated language used in clinical trials can be little challenging method if you do not plan the integration of the translation method from the start. But by selecting the right language service provider like Tridindia as your partner, you will be all set to get any suggestion you require as well as a precise and culturally accurate translation of all language utilized in your clinical trial.

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