Why is Conference Interpretation So Important?

Communication is key in the world of global business. But sometimes, language barriers can create complicated challenges for government agencies as well as international companies. The most efficient method of communication comes from conference interpretation. So, don’t you think it would be great to get a conference interpretation?

With the increasing trend of globalization, it would be good to know why is conference interpretation so important. One should realize that not every language is spoken or understood by everyone in international meetings. Conference interpretation is known for occurring in real-time, being the intermediary between two people for them to be able to interact with each other. This way, the conversation is continuous and communication is successful between both parties, even though they speak various languages. Conference interpretation can be the difference between success and failure of the conference or negotiation.

In this article, we will share with you the importance of conference interpretation.

The Importance Of Conference Interpretation

The comprehensive interpretation makes sure of proper understanding as well as effective communication by breaking all the language barriers. With conference interpretation, it is very convenient for a participant to follow what the speaker is saying almost instantly.

Conference Interpretation is Essential for Many Reasons:

1. Conveying Ideas

Interpretation involves a direct translation that is done in a specific manner to keep the conversation flowing at a normal pace. There is no extra time taken out for the interpreter to deliver a word for word translation. Instead, they would simply deliver the meaning of the speaker to the listener so they get the gist of the conversation.

This can include multilingual meetings where more than one interpreter is required to complete the conference within time. These interpreters work in secluded booths that permit them to directly convey the ideas to those who are listening via headphones-type devices.

2. Better Results

It makes sure that the multilingual conference acquires a better result because proper and correct communication is attained with powerful conference interpretation service. Participants can communicate conveniently in their own language, knowing that they can reach out to fellow delegates effortlessly.

3. Sign Language

Another kind of conference interpretation is the need for sign language interpretation. One area that companies forget about is those people who have hearing issues. This does not mean that they will not be or should not be included in conferences. Again, they interpret and present the meaning of the conversation, rather than conducting word for word interpretation. This permits the hearing-impaired individual to stay with the conversation without making any lags.

Many may feel that this is impossible but with a sign language conference interpreter, the interpretation is just as quick as a verbal interpretation into another language.

4. Accuracy:

Conference interpretation requires years of experience. The interpreters are subject matter experts, so they have perfect background knowledge on the theme or topic of the conference. The interpreter conveys the message in the target language almost at the same time, hence, the translation of the message is better as well as more accurate. Furthermore, it’s important that you should also know what is simultaneous interpretation, to make your meeting a success.

5. Efficient Communication:

Conference interpretation delivers all delegates an equal chance to speak their mind and listen in their own language. This is basically called interactive communication where no one is left behind because of the communication barrier.

6. Communication In All Its Entirety

As the interpretation happens simultaneously in real-time, the benefit is that not a single message gets lost. It permits all the participants of an event the freedom to select their words and show their views in the language that they are most familiar with. In the medical industry, people mainly prefer phone interpreting for hospitals as it makes communication more convenient.

7. Increase Contact Network

All businesses aspire to get more contacts to expand the business and be successful. Thanks to conference interpretation, you will be able to communicate with people that speak any other language and make some big deals.

Just as translation, interpreting breaks cultural barriers, getting both the businesses closer.

8. Broader Scope

Thanks to conference interpreting, your business event will have more audience, as everyone can understand completely, without any setbacks or complications. To understand it more deeply, you should know how does interpretation work.


Conference interpretation should not be considered as a dispensable and expensive service. It is an investment that has many advantages. Conference interpretation is the key to a successful international event, which is why it is important that you hire professionals that have experience in this arena. Tridindia is a professional conference interpretation company with a worldwide network of native-speaking interpreters. Our team has highly skilled experts in various subject matters for delivering accurate interpretation services.

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