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Do you want to present your content to people from almost everywhere in the world? Do you want your film dialogues to be translated into your audience’s native language? If yes then nothing could be a better solution than dubbing.

The term dubbing, known as “revoicing”, mainly refers to the replacement of the voices of the actors shown on the screen. These performers are speaking some other language. They try to fit into the movements of the lips as much as they can to make it look real.

Dubbing is frequently used and is very important in the top 6 countries. Here we will mention all of them.

The Importance Of Dubbing In Top 6 Countries

1. Germany

The German industry is the largest in Europe. Dubbing films are traditional and common practice in German-speaking countries. As for some reason people prefer high quality dubbing more and find it convenient. In European countries, people say that dubbing makes the translation look real. That’s why German filmmakers always take dubbing as their first priority and feel that it is very important for their film to get loved by people speaking different languages.

2. Italy

In Italy, dubbing is very systematic. It is a tradition going back to the 1930s in Rome, Florence, Milan, and Turin. Rome is the origin of the dubbing industry. This is where top productions like drama, movies, cartoons, and documentaries are dubbed. The country uses dubbing a lot as it gives them a convenient way to make their content available for people from every corner of the world.

3. Spain

In Spain, some dubbing actors have got massive popularity for their voices. For instance Constantino Romero (Who dubs Darth Vader, Clint Eastwood, and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator, among others). One more example is Óscar Muñoz (the official European Spanish dub-over voice artist for Elijah Wood and Hayden Christensen). In places like the Basque Country, Catalonia and Galacia they have most foreign programs dubbed into their native language. They are varied from European Spanish. This clearly shows the major need of dubbing in Spain.

4. Brazil

In Brazil, subtitling was mainly for mature audience movies until 2012. Since then, dubbed versions also became available for people of all ages. As a result, in recent years, more films have opened in Brazil. This has attracted new audiences to the cinema that is offering dubbed films. By observing such hilarious demand, dubbing has become very important in Brazil.

5. China

There are many Dubbing Studio in the film dubbing industry in China. To release high-quality products, they divide every film into small segments. Each one lasting for only a few minutes, and then work on those segments one-by-one. In addition to the correct meaning in dubbing like effective animation dubbing, they make more efforts to match the lips of the actors to the dialogue.

Most of the filmmakers there prefer hiring dubbing artists who have a talent of speaking multiple languages as this gives them the variation in work.

6. India

In India, where foreign films are synonymous with Hollywood films, dubbing is mostly done in three Indian languages. This involves Tamil, Hindi, and Telugu. The dubbing of foreign languages is rarely done with the other major Indian languages, namely Bengali and Malayalam. The productive importance of dubbing is because of the high literacy rate among the population who speaks the languages. Towns and lower-tier settlements of the representative states (where English penetration is little low) have the final works released there. Metropolitan areas mostly have the English-language originals released there. In India, dubbing is high in demand so as to make the content suitable for everyone.

Dubbing is a usual practice that is preferred by many countries. The importance of dubbing will grow in the coming years because every film-maker wants to promote its content globally.


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