Why Learn Another Language And How To Make Language Learning Fun?

No matter whatever language you are going for to learn and try your hands in that will be a tough nut to crack for the first time. It is not just going to be frustrating, but very difficult and confusing at the same time. You have to be interested in the language genuinely before actually head for one. But, you might be wondering the reasons to actually try learning a new language? Why do you have to? Let’s just find out.

Reasons To Learn Another Language:

There are so many reasons for people to actually try learning a new language. It is perfect for boosting CV for some, and it can also be a great advantage for others who like to travel. According to some experts, if you are food in English and other famous foreign languages, you can make some smarter and decisive options. Being able to speak fluently in two languages can help in cognitive growth. It is time to learn more about the cognitive benefits of going for new languages.

• Being smarter than before: Your brain is mostly challenged to communicate, recognize and even negotiate meanings in various languages. This can actually boost capability of a person for negotiating meanings in some other tasks involving problem solving. Learners of this foreign language can be better in standardizing tests, mostly in vocabulary and reading.

• Slowing down dementia and Alzheimer: Some studies have indicated that consistency in dementia is more prevalent in monolingual adults. Even some other researches have indicated that gender, education factor, income and physical health are some of the reasons, followed by multilingual beliefs, which can slow down the process of Alzheimer or Dementia in an individual.

• Developing multitasking skills: As you are able to just switch from one language to another, therefore you get the chance to cover multitasking skills like with writing, speech and structure. Even while trying to perform two tasks at once, multilingual person is not going to be distracted that easily.

• Improving memory: Brain functions are always better when it is exercised properly, and learning new language will definitely help in this regard. While trying to learn new language, the learner is going to memorize rules and vocabulary, which will make brain works a bit harder than usual. This process further helps in improving memory, as proven by some multilingual speakers.

• Enhance decision making skills: If you are trying to make some rational decisions, then learning new language might help you big time on that. Most of the time, these multilingual professionals try to think their ideas in second language to gauge if the first conclusion still remains valid.

• Get to be more perceptive: People with multiple language holds are good at erasing irrelevant ideas and retain those which are always relevant. They are able to observe the surroundings way better than standard people with knowledge in only one language and they are further able to identify misleading information.

Ways To Add Fun To Language Learning:

It is no doubt tough to gain proficiency in a foreign language mostly as you have to learn about its grammar, new lexicon and different types of sentence structures. You can always try to be creative while overcoming challenges paced while learning a new language. Internet in this regard can be of great help. Well, by incorporating some ideas, you can add the fun elements while trying to add fun in your challenge of learning a new language.

1. Try reading recipes in foreign languages:

If you want to learn the ways local speaks their native language you can try following the recipe books. Here, the language is mostly in native language and written in the easiest manner possible. So, what if you can’t cook? Still you can go through the recipes and try reading it. That will help you to learn more about different ways you can spell and read a word or product.

• Food is no doubt a great motivator. So, you can use this tool in your favour to learn a new language over here and find some new recipes as a bonus point.

• You are about to learn some of the new words rather quickly while going through the recipe books. No, you don’t always have to buy a book as internet is flooded with multiple recipes in various languages.

To top it all, learning recipes in different languages might grow interest in you to start cooking as well!

2. Try playing scrabble:

You can try playing scrabble with twists to make learning new language fun. Start playing it in a language you are hearing. You can try playing alone or with friend, speaking that new language you are learning.

• At first, you might have to take help of a dictionary.

• Later, you won’t need help of it at all and can try challenging yourself to get hold of some foreign words without any help from the dictionary.

This game will not just help you to learn new words but you will learn new spellings too with their meanings. It will be proven to be beneficial as well.

3. Watching dramas and movies in new language:

This is one of the best and fun ways to get to know new language. The language, you are trying to learn, must have movies too. Everyone loves to watch movies or dramas and you might be in the list. Use this passion to learn new language.

• Buy or download movies in the foreign language you are learning.

• At first, turn on the sub-titles in English or your native language. Try matching the words in subtitle with the words spoken by the character to understand its pronunciation.

• Once you are confident enough about it turn off the subtitles and try to watch the movie on its own and try guessing what the characters are saying.

It will help you brilliantly to learn a new language in the most fun-filled manner possible.

4. Read the language you are learning:

Just like hearing a new language to get hold of the pronunciations, you have to read the language in between lines. It is perfect to help you learn a new language pretty easily. Yes, it is true to state that this measure is rather tough at first but it is all worth it in the end.

• Soon enough, you will be able to pick up some lines and some of the common words as used more often in a sentence.

• According to most of the experts, you can start your language learning by going through small poems. Rhythms play a pivotal role to help your brain get accustomed to new language easily.

• For the beginners, children’s books are subject to help out a lot. These books will have the basic phrases and words, making it easier for you to learn.

You might even come across books, which have separate translation sections. So, while going through the main pages, if you find it difficult to understand meaning of a certain word or phrase, just look for the translated version of it for better understanding.

These simple yet easy tricks are perfect for you to address the importance of learning a new language and in the most fun-filled manner. Head for your bet help right away!

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