Human Resource

Translate the HR policies to make it easily comprehensible for the employees

Globalization has blurred the boundaries when it comes to the success and competitiveness of the organization embracing the concept of diversity. Diversity encapsulates the different gender, race, ethnic group, personality, experience, education background, language and many more. Diversity influences the perception of the people for each other affecting the way they will interact with each […]
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5 Sure-Shot Turnoffs to Avoid in an Interview

According to a survey of employers, the interviewees usually turnoff the interviewer so badly that the candidate loses even 1% chances of being selected for the vacant position. The employer actually does not expect you to be perfectly polished interviewee, but certain turnoffs from your end that might seem minor to you, could be the […]
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5 Worthy Questions a Manager Should Ask To His New Hires

The critical role of onboarding makes it necessary for a manager to ask certain questions to his new hires. Gone are the days, when onboarding or orientation was not given a significant amount of importance. Today is the time to make the new employees feel comfortable with the work environment, so that he/she could adapt […]
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Why 360-Degree Feedback Is Better For Performance Appraisal?

Since the performance of an employee rarely occurs in isolation, thus most of the companies use 360-Degree Feedback for Performance Appraisal. It is an ideal way to receive confidential feedback from all the stakeholders and measure the social perception of daily work of an employee. The reviewer’s basically include your manager, customers, peers and direct […]
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7 Issues of Human Resource Functions for Small Sized Firms

All the Entrepreneurs across the globe agree that Human Resource Functions or human resource management is not just a mere part of the company; rather it is the soul of a company. It is the most important resource for small, medium and even the large businesses. Apart from hiring and retaining experienced and well-motivated employees, […]
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10 Rationales Behind Outsourcing Human Resources Functions

Most of the small to medium sized business entrepreneurs are agitated towards spending much of their time in non-revenue generating HR activities. From manpower planning and payroll to perks and compensation, the managers and directors spend a considerable proportion of their day engaged in these imperative but time consuming tasks. The only solution for majority […]
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