Why Choose Us ?

Improving worldwide communication is what our Professional Interpretation Company aims at. Through high quality professional interpretation solutions, we have managed to successfully deliver 1000+ projects to large scale organizations, individuals and businesses of all sizes. Hence, today we have a global clientele that trusts us for any type of interpretation, no matter how bulkier or complex it is.

What We Specialize In?

It is our love for languages that we have expanded our service horizon in each and every genre that requires conveying of thoughts from one language to another. We specialize in the following –

Simultaneous Interpretation Video Remote Interpretation Continuous Interpretation
Consecutive Interpretation Conference Interpretation Court Interpretation
On-site Interpretation Escort Interpretation Medical Interpretation
Over-The-Phone Interpretation Technical Interpretation Whisper Interpretation
Legal Interpretation Business Interpretation Video Interpretation
Telephone Interpretation International Interpretation Hospital Interpretation
Transcription Jobs Interpretation Process  

In simple words, to thrive in the business challenges today, we are the right hand that will help you sail through all the communication hurdles that come your way. We believe that international communication is one of the most important concerns for any global business. Hence, if you want to focus on the core area of your business, leave the communication (interpretation) part to us.

TridIndia Interpretation Agency Vs Other Agency

Areas TridIndia Others
Language knowledge 250+ Indian & foreign languages Differs
Industries covered Technical, medical, media, legal, marketing etc. Depends; generally few industries are covered
Urgent interpretation yes No
Middleman No Yes
Extra Costs No Yes
Interpretation charges Highly affordable Not friendly to your budget
Project Management Charges Included in price Additional charge
Turnaround time Fastest in the industry Not so fast
Interpretation medium Only human interpreters with native language expertise Differs; software may often be used
Language pairs 2000+ pairs Varies
Quality 99.99% quality assurance Differs
Communication with the Interpreter at the time of hiring Yes May or may not
Discounts Yes No
Availability of service 24x7x365 Business hours


Major Success Pillars

Every single client experience we build is a result of our major success pillars that helps you communicate on a worldwide level.

☞ Our Global Team: To make sure that the client gets access to fluid and accurate communication, we have built a global workforce of professional interpreters, who possess extraordinary skills in communicating from one language to another.

☞ International Clientele: Our client list is inclusive of a number of large scale corporations, MNCs and global brands that need to communicate with their foreign business delegates/ customers etc. from time to time.

☞ High End Quality Process: Quality is something, which should not be compromised, no matter what happens. Hence, we follow a stringent procedure, which keeps a check on the quality of interpretation delivered at client’s end.

This in itself denotes why we are the global leaders in the interpretation sector. We help your tongue speak in multiple languages, whenever you need to communicate in the global business world.

Reasons Why You’ll Love Us?

Frankly speaking, being one of the most renowned names in the global interpretation industry, we offer you multiple reasons for falling in love with our services. Right from professional human talent to 360 degree solutions for all kinds of interpretation, we have everything. So, you can easily depend on our services, irrespective of how complex your requirements are.

♦ 15+ years of experience
♦ Fastest turnaround time
♦ Real time interpretation
♦ Interpretation combination in all Indian and foreign languages
♦ 100% promise of confidentiality
♦ 99.99% accuracy guaranteed
♦ Sensible and professional interpreters for all types of your interpreting needs
♦ Comprehensive project management
♦ Quick responses within 24 hours

We are confident that you are habitual to choose options, which are fruitful for your business growth. Hence, we are quite confident that you’ll understand why we are best outsourcing partner for you. Business growth is very important; at no, point it shall become stagnant. This is why, if you desire to keep growing on an international level, let us help you convey your message to the target multilingual audience. To know more or order the services, give us a call right away!!

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