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The WhatsApp users can now highlight their text in bold and italic format. Some new features have been unveiled for the android users that would help them to write in bold or italic format while having conversation with their friends.

Last year also, some WhatsApp updates were introduced for the android users. Those features were highly appreciated by the common masses.

Whenever you wish to highlight a particular line or word in your conversation, you will be given the option to make it bold or italic (as the way you like it). Further, the file sharing feature also has been enhanced.

Now one can easily share any document from the Google drive. You could send different types of files from the Google drive. For example, PPT, PDF or word file. However, every file would be converted in to PDF format automatically, at the time of sending the document.

Further, a progress percentage would be displayed when a backup is in motion. This will help one to gain an idea about the time he has to wait to use the app again.  Additionally, there are some changes in the profile section too. Now, only the name, photo and status would be shown and not the phone number.

So, update your WhatsApp and enjoy these features on version 2.12.535.

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