Skype to Translate More Than 50 Languages for Messaging

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Skype will now translate more than 50 languages for messaging over texts and 7 languages will be translated during the voice calls. Skype has always been famous among the masses as a platform that allows people to chat through video calls and text messages.Reports say that this communication platform, i.e. Skype is planning to include more languages in its database or service. This way, more users will be able to connect with each other irrespective of their language choice.

The languages supported for voice calls are:

German Portuguese (Brazil)
English Italian
Chinese French

The languages supported for messages are:

Chinese Traditional Bosnian (Latin) Finnish Kiswahili Malay
Slovenian French Indonesian Arabic Catalan
German Estonian Greek Slovak Yucatec Maya
Klingon Chinese Simplified Italian Persian Serbian (Latin)
Portuguese English Norwegian Spanish Bulgarian
Japanese Polish Welsh Latvian Haitian Creole
Klingon (plqaD) Serbian (Cyrillic) Korean Hungarian Swedish
Thai Hmong Daw Lithuanian Hindi Vietnamese
Ukrainian Romanian Russian Maltese Queretaro Otomi
Dutch Croatian Turkish Urdu Czech
Hebrew Danish

According to some sources, the number of calls per day through Skype increased rapidly when the preview was launched. Also, the most popular language combination is said to be French to English translation.

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