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Students May Now Learn Tulu Language in Udupi

Students in Udupi will now learn Tulu as an optional language subject. Reports say that 14 students have showed their interest in learning the language. Tulu is generally spoken in Kasaragod district and Karnataka. According to the Chairperson of Karnataka Tulu Sahitya Academy, this language was the lingua franca of Tulunadu. She said that people […]
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Indonesian Language Towards Extinction In Australian University

Reports suggest that Indonesian language is towards a decline in Australian University and might soon get completely extinct in a decade. Figures show that the Australian students have just little interest in the language. After the Bali bombings, a travel warning was issued by the Australian Government. This discouraged schools in Australia from sending the […]
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Language Disorders Affect Students’ Learning: Report

According to a report, language disorders are experienced by every two children in Year 1 class. This affects their learning. The study or the report says that children have more emotional, social and behavioural problems, when suffering from unexplained language disorders. Led by Professor Courtenay Norbury, this study has been published in Journal of Child […]
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How to Create Secure Passwords to Avoid Hacking

Passwords should always be secure and strong. Hence, when you create them, you should create the one that cannot be hacked or assumed by someone. ‘May’ is the month when the World Password Day is celebrated. Hence, good habits to create a sound password should definitely be promoted. Here are some key points, using which […]
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Interesting Facts About India’s 7th Navigation Satellite

India’s 7th navigation satellite has been launched successfully by ISRO. It is said that PSLV-C33 carried the last navigation satellite of India. Further, as per reports, India will not have to depend on other countries for military navigation. Listed below are some facts that need to be understood: 1. Some of the major uses of […]
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WhatsApp May Roll Out Two New Features for the Users

As per some reports, WhatsApp might soon roll out two new features – voicemail and call back for the users. These features are expected to be very beneficial for the users. For the call back feature, it is said that it would help the users in calling back their friends without actually opening the app. […]
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Ready to Enjoy a Ride on Amphibious Bus in India?

Are you ready to enjoy a ride on amphibious buses – the buses that can travel both on land and water? Recently, norms have been set up these buses for tourism purpose. It is said that these buses will be used for the purpose of tourism, thereby helping the tourists enjoy sightseeing. According to the […]
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