Japanese to English Document Translation Services: Why it is Necessary for Business Growth?

In today’s globalized world, why the demand for Japanese to English document translators have observed a hike? Some people think this is not worthy of their investment, but in reality, having a professional translator in support of translating Japanese into the English language is a must.

Talking about business, Japan is one of the most widespread and powerful economies around the world, holding a GDP of $27.07 trillion in 2021. That’s why people are focusing more on translating into the Japanese language. The impact of both Japanese and English language can be identified throughout Western markets, mainly in cultural exports such as cuisine, anime/manga, design, video games, and electronics. Both of these languages are commonly used in the business world.

Therefore, just translating in Japanese is not sufficient, you need to translate in English as well to give convenience to both non-Japanese speakers and Japanese speakers. Just because someone cannot speak Japanese, it doesn’t mean they could not get access to your content in the English language.

There is no doubt that your customers will respond better to the language they are most comfortable in. Here you can observe the necessity of Japanese to English effective document translation solutions.

The necessity of Japanese to English Document Translation Services in Various Manner

1. Japanese Characters Has More Space

In comparison to English words, Japanese will expand text more:

I’m not very fluent in Japanese 日本語でペラペラではないです
Does anyone here speak English? ここに えいごおはなせるひとはいますか。

The fact becomes more true as the Japanese don’t use the Latin alphabet. Besides the Latin alphabets, the Japanese utilize 3 kinds of script known as hiragana, kanji, and katakana. If the original English sentence simply says “these”, “who” or “them”, translators might need to rephrase them in a more detailed manner when translating into Japanese, which will result in much longer sentences. Here professional Japanese translation into English solution needs to be considered.

2. Alphabet Variation

You might know that Japanese and English emerged from different locations. The alphabets used are also completely different in both languages. The meaning of the Japanese language derives from various strokes, the placing of the strokes along with a character. It proves that there is no English equivalent to how a Japanese translator showcases their sentence.

Therefore, to translate from Japanese to the English language, you need the assistance of expert translators who have a strong understanding of both languages in spoken and written manner. This will ensure the meaning is maintained while translating. Therefore getting English and expert japanese translation help is vital.

3. English Is Less Abstract Than Japanese

The majority of English speakers prefer short sentences that straightly give the message. The English language uses direct structures that straightly come to the point. Japanese shares English’s concise aspect, but the manner in which the words are placed together leaves it up to the audience to understand the meaning of the sentence. Therefore, context is very essential to keep in mind when translating from Japanese to the English language.

You need a team that knows what type of content you want to create so that you can get accurate document translations. This shows the importance of effective english translation for firm to add value and bring accuracy.

4. Context is Vital

As the Japanese language has high context, it is prompt at conveying a great deal. Only one sentence can tell you most of the things about the situation; anything from the season, gender, time, social status of the speaker, address, and third parties as well as whether the situation is casual or formal.

For instance, the most basic greeting in English has no direct translation in the Japanese language

English: Good evening

Japanese: こんばんは。(Konbanwa)

A high-skilled translator should have a good grasp of Japanese grammar, ideograms, context rules, and use of honorifics and in English with all its rules, alphabets, and idiosyncrasies. With the major importance of document translation, it’s for sure that you need to consider professionals for this task.


Sending out anything that is not translated well can damage your reputation in Japanese and English-speaking regions. Considering hiring professional translation solutions is important when you want to enter a new market. Don’t neglect the capability of translators, if you want to save your efforts, money, time, and your reputation.

If you are searching for a Japanese to English translation solution, we would be very happy to hear from you. Please call us at +91-8527599523 or grab an instant quote.

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