Watt-A-Box by KFC India to Boost Your Phone’s Battery

KFC India has introduced a Watt-A-Box that will charge the customer’s phone battery. So, if you are visiting KFC in India to enjoy the 5-in-1 meal box, you will need not to worry about your phone getting dead.

According to reports, this box is available at select stores in Mumbai and Delhi.  The limited edition of this box can be won through online contest on the Facebook page of KFC India or through the contests that would be conducted in Delhi and Mumbai.

Talking about this superb box; this box contains a power bank on the side, with your usual tempting meal. It also features Lightning cables and micro-USB that charges the smartphones, both iPhone and Android.

Furthermore, you can carry the power bank along with you as it is removable.

The concept is really the one to be loved.

Although the power bank will not double up the battery, yet it would charge your phone, while you are enjoying your meal.

Similar marketing campaigns have also been introduced by other brands, like pizza hut, which rolled out a box that converted into a projector. It was introduced in Hong Kong.

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