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Students in Udupi will now learn Tulu as an optional language subject. Reports say that 14 students have showed their interest in learning the language.

Tulu is generally spoken in Kasaragod district and Karnataka.

According to the Chairperson of Karnataka Tulu Sahitya Academy, this language was the lingua franca of Tulunadu. She said that people are able to express themselves more precisely, when they speak in their native language.

But, to be able to write the language is also essential. Hence, learning Tulu language plays a vital role.

It was also said that the students learning Tulu have the potential to establish their career as writers in the language.

Further, Chandrahasa Rai, who is the Registrar of Karnataka Tulu Sahitya Academy, said that for the last three years, this language was taught in 13 schools located in the Dakshina Kannada district. Now, Tulu will also be taught in Udupi city.

It was reported that almost 25 students were learning Tulu language in 6th and 7th standard in Dakshina Kannada district. Not just this, it is also said that 541 students in Dakshina Kannada district and almost 555 students, inclusive of 14 students of Udupi were learning the language.

Further, he says that it would be possible to introduce the language in first year and second year pre-university courses, if more students get interested in choosing Tulu as the third optional language in 10th standard.

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