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TridIndia is renowned for its expertise in AutoCAD Drawing Translation Dubai China Ajman Oman Abu Dhabi and various other countries. Known for its precise utilization in a number of industries, the AutoCAD is widely used by graphic designers, architects, engineers, project managers and various other professionals, in order to create a blue print of the bridge, building or any other facility that is being created.

Thus, it is needless to describe that such drawings should be perfectly executed to avoid any kind of structural or design flaw in the infrastructure.

Need to Translate

Just the way, it is necessary to execute the drawings with precision; it is even more necessary to translate them in another language (Indian or foreign) in the most efficient manner. There are many advantages of translation that you should use. You might have not realized, but, in this industry, you seriously need to translate the drawings into any specific target language because:

■ You might have a multilingual team and to coordinate efforts with them, you may have to get the drawings translated.
■ To make sure that every project manager or engineer has his individual copy of drawings in his mother language; you need translation.
■ If you are a global company, with employees in different countries, then you would definitely need translation.
■ If you hire an engineer for (AutoCAD drawing) who speaks a different language than yours, then you would need to translate the drawings to work accordingly.

What Happens in Absence of Translation Expertise

In the absence of AutoCAD translation experts, one may face the following issues:

1. Text Expansion

Sometimes, what happens is that the translated text expands. Thus, it causes problems in fitting the translated text into the AutoCAD drawing. Thus, in such a case an expert is demanded who knows the effective role of translation.

2. Text Extraction and Import

Extracting text from the drawing and importing the translated text to the drawing is not that easy. Hence, in the absence of an expert, the quality can be hampered.

But, since, we are a team of veteran AutoCAD experts; therefore, you need to worry about any of the issues in AutoCAD drawings translation.

Types of AutoCAD Translation

We translate the following types of AutoCAD documents:

■ Technical illustrations
■ 2d drawing files
■ 3d solid model files
■ AutoCAD title blocks
■ Equipment manuals
■ AutoCAD common blocks
■ AutoCAD dimension files
■ AutoCAD templates
And so on

TridIndia’s Extras

Apart from the translation expertise for different types of AutoCAD files, we also offer something extra:

■ Swift delivery of projects
■ Work completion within time frame
■ Assured quality
■ Marginal rates
■ More than 100 language support (both Indian and foreign)
■ 100% privacy assurance

End To All Translation Problems

Last but not the least; we can say that we are an ultimate end to all your translation problems and have made you understand all the major top translation facts. We make sure that only the experienced translators with experience of translating AutoCAD drawings, is assigned to your project. In this way, the chances of any error become zero.

If you want to hire our services, call us at +91-8527599523 or mail us at [email protected]


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