What is The Role of Translation? [A Detailed Study]

Does your business have an array of communication needs? If yes then translation is the solution. Not only does translation pave the way forward for global interaction, but also permits nations to forge interactive relationships when it comes to making advancements.

In a world where entrepreneurs are trying to expand their business in other countries to boost their revenue, sales, and presence around the world, knowing what is the major role of translation has become essential. It permits people to communicate and understand other’s cultures and ideas, without having to learn another language.

Also, the role of translation in businesses and different industries is much more than you could have imagined. Let us understand the role of translation in multiple industries around the world.

The Role Of Translation in Top 9 Industries

1. Websites And The Software Industry

People all across the world who have access to the internet can see a website on the internet. They can view the content and products as well on the site. It is basically an open market. Thus, if a website has translations in various languages, they can boost their reach and market by many folds. All major sites on the web utilize localization and translation techniques to reach out to the global market. The real role of content translation is massive in this industry.

Same is the case with software products. Software have their use almost everywhere in the world. So, if a software is present in various languages, they help increasing their reach in the market with very less amount of investment.

The content present on the site relies on the products and services. But software products usually contain technical content that requires translation.

So, a translator with effective technical knowledge and a good amount of language experience is perfect for this type of translation.

2. Medical Industry

The medical industry is something where the translation is a real help. Pharma industry translation, translation of medical records, doctor manuals, patient records, medical reports, leaflets, prescription, and instructions information really assist healthcare organizations to deliver top-class information.

Pharmaceutical companies that need to expand their business internationally find translation really helpful.

They can turn all their communication materials in the language of that specific country that they want to target. Medical industries can get benefit a lot from the centric importance of translation.

3. Legal Industry

Translation also plays a major role in the legal industry. Although it utilizes regular translation, accurate and careful translation of different legal documents is important. Otherwise, it may lead to major economic loss and problems. Regular translators generally do not handle such kind of translations as proper degree and experience in the field is a must. The legal industry uses translation for translating licenses, agreements, private, government, and corporate documents.

4. Travel & Tourism Industry

Perhaps the industry most obviously relies on effect translation, tourism has massively grown in line with globalization in recent decades. There are some countries, specifically ones with smaller populations, that depend completely on tourism for their continued economic well being.

The respective language translation is important in every aspect of the tourism industry. Every step a holidaymaker takes, translation has assisted them to do it. From choosing a brochure in their native language to booking a hotel, to buying an international flight to reading foreign restaurants menus in translation, and visiting tourist attractions with multilingual tour guides.

There is also a translation’s significance behind the scenes. Travel airlines, attractions, and agencies will make deals with foreign parties to make package holidays and even to agree prices. This communication will need foreign language skills or even translators.

5. Finance And Banking Industry

The finance and banking industry plays a major role in the global trading environment. To attain new customers in foreign countries and get a high level of consistency, the banking and financial sector utilize translation to make their communication effective and clear. This assists them to strengthen relationships and trust with potential clients.

Accurate translation of financial documents, transactions, and forums assists them to meet the expectations of their customers and clients conveniently. Furthermore, you can know more about business translation.

6. Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry is the top-most consumer of translation. The entertainment industry includes television shows, movies, and books and each one of it requires translation to reach a wider audience. Even the music industry is a major consumer of translation. The entertainment industry utilizes almost every kind of translation including subtitle translation, regular translation, voice-over translation. But it mainly utilizes voice-over and subtitle translation.

If the translation industry collapses, then the entertainment industry will definitely suffer a lot.

7. Information & Technology Industry

The information & technology industry is booming these days at an impressive rate. The companies in this sector manage many projects globally on a daily basis. Companies working in this sector require the services of translation for translating their technical documents in various languages so that they can cater to customers globally. It is not that convenient to translate technical documents without having perfect technical translation expertise.

So, the organizations operating in this sector take the assistance of translation to develop versions of their documents. You can also make use of global website translation for better performance of your business.

8. Journalism Industry

The industry of journalism is very important to society, and it also needs translation. Specifically, in the current political climate, many news stories have international importance, meaning journalists from all across the world require to keep up to date with current events outside of their own countries to assess their influence on local activities.

Translation in journalism can range from journalists doing it themselves to documents being translated for them by companies to translators facilitating interviews with foreign figures.

9. E-Commerce industry

E-commerce sites are the global supermarkets of the world. Thus, they require an interface that is understood by people all across the world. These e-commerce sites usually need the translation of the interface text as well as product descriptions available on their sites. By hiring actual language translator for your business you can ensure that you are getting the best.


In light of the above facts and details, one should be very grateful to translation companies across the globe because of their strenuous efforts they made. At Tridindia, our translators are experts in various fields, and with our quality control standards, you are guaranteed to receive quality, professional service for every type of translation.

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