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You all must have heard the general debate between dubbing and subtitling. Dubbing consists of alternate soundtrack synchronized with the soundtrack of the dialogue so that it makes sense for the local audience. Dubbing is done from one language to other so that the film then becomes watchable for the audience. Subtitles are also an option in which content can be understood by the viewer. However, for some programs aimed at children, dubbing is the only solution as the viewers have not yet learned to read or struggle with the subtitles.

The choice of the approach not only depends on the country but also on cultural, ideological and linguistic preferences.

Benefits Of Dubbing


1. Accuracy

When dubbed, the local relevance of the meaning that particular sentence complies is also kept in mind. Thus, when listening to a dubbed video, the person will be able to relate to all the puns and other jokes that may not make sense otherwise. Unless a viewer pays good attention to reading lips, they will almost not be able to differentiate anything based on the dubbing of the video. Once a viewer understands the crucial role of dubbing they won’t even pay attention to lip sync.

It is a proven fact that dubbed videos are a big deal today. With the entry of the entertainment industry, almost all the big blockbusters are dubbed today in major languages. It is specifically true for animation. With non-existent animation cinema in every country, the only source is blockbuster animation films with a big budget.

2. Ease In Censorship

While all countries follow different codes of censorship, what is legal in one country may not be allowed to be showcased in other. There are countries where the original version with subtitles is dubbed to convey meaning with higher morals. In these countries, there is an urgent need of dubbing any video content before it goes out.

3. No Abbreviation Needed

No dialogues have to abbreviate as they have to be changed completely to convey a similar meaning. However, the writer of the dubbed script will have to pay attention to the time for which a particular dialogue runs and the movement of the lips such that the dubbed dialogue does not look completely awkward.

4. No Struggle Of Reading

Many people struggle with subtitles and often miss out an outstanding scene while reading subtitles. There are several types of dubbing to be done according to the current need. With dubbed content, the viewer can focus their complete attention on the images along with the audio. The struggle of constantly looking up and down the screen will be solved.

For the ease of access to the student, educational videos are offered in multiple languages. It increases the global reach of any video and thus expands the scope of the platform.

5. Portrayal of Characters

Dubbing can help create a character that people can relate to. It allows portraying complex characters in a better way on screen. Dialogues become more convincing because textual representation is not enough to understand complex characters and their emotions.

6. Authenticity

Having an artist perform the words in a language you are targeting allows you to moderate the feelings a little according to how people will feel in that particular region. It will give a sense of authenticity to the viewer that will undergo emotions and will hit them differently. For giving the Bombay accent you will need accurate dubbing services in Mumbai to get the right flow.

7. Includes all age

Including dubbed voice in the language, you are targeting allows you to include those as well who live with some visual impairments. It also covers people who struggle with reading subtitles or are unable to read at all. If you are dealing with animation videos you will need prominent animation dubbing solutions to make the content localized.

Notes: Some countries tend to traditionally use subtitles (Scandinavia, Netherlands and Dutch-speaking Belgium) whereas many countries prefer dubbing such as (France, Spain, Germany, Italy)


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