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If you consider having an in-house team for subtitling, then you may end up managing financial challenges linked with employee benefits, salaries, insurance, training, and much more. On the other hand, partnering with a subtitling company needs you just to pay an affordable amount for a broad spectrum of solutions. This choice not only assists you to ignore unnecessary charges but also enables you to take benefit of a massive pool of professionals without increasing the budget.

Video subtitling is where typed text is displayed onscreen, occurring simultaneously to suit the spoken dialogue. Regulations were actually formulated across subtitling to help the hearing-impaired and deaf. However, more recently, subtitling has been considered to promote content in different ways. Every subtitle translation uses the same methods as English subtitling. Dialogues are converted into subtitles, then timed to sync with speech.

Finally, the onscreen text is styled, formatted, and saved in the prominent subtitle format for the viewing platform. The accurate subtitling solutions help you make your video way more accessible to global readers.

Major Benefits of Working with a Professional Subtitling Company

1. Reflects the Quality of Your Business

Poor subtitles can have a negative effect on your business. Your video content should showcase the quality of service your company offers to your clients. By hiring a professional solution specializing in business subtitling for global companies, you can be really confident that your content is shown in professional guidance regardless of language.

2. Boosting Views of Your Videos

The significance of subtitling extends to boost video reach. Through subtitling, you can have more text in the video content. Your chosen professional language service providers or say subtitling company utilizes the chance to increase the content’s site engine optimization. In this manner, subtitles permit search engines to identify your video, helping you to attract a bigger number of viewers.

3. Overall Audience

If you think only of local, you will always be local. Consider YouTube as a great example. Around 60% of video views on YouTube come from non-English speaking audiences.

Given this fact, global thinking businesses that wish to boost viewership are very keen to include subtitles to their videos so they may conveniently reach international audiences in overseas markets and territories as well. With top-notch subtitling help you can make your target a large portion of the audience easily.

4. Improves the Reach of Your SEO

Search engine optimization is a major part of the world of online marketing and business. By professionally subtitling your videos into various languages, you are actually taking the essential steps to increase the reach of your SEO. This is because of the fact that one of the many factors of a webpage that search engines comb when analyzing the best content for any provided keyword is subtitled text.

By subtitling your videos in more than one language you are providing those search engines yet another means of finding your page when appropriate search terms are entered. Therefore, consider professionals to suitably attract business with local subtitling.

5. Optimize for Global Audience

Bing, Google, Yahoo, and many other search engines cannot view your videos. They just require some text to crawl through. Hence, if you include subtitles to your video, search engines will consequently have much content to index. With this, you will boost organic traffic and also get great rankings thanks to more diverse keywords. The two benefits will surely combine to actually increase the viewership of your video.

6. Enhancing Business on Social Media

The number of social media channels users is constantly growing. Surveys represent that the number of Facebook monthly active users reached 2.6 billion people across the world as of 2021. The biggest number of these users are from India. Hence, posting online videos about your solution assists you to market this solution to a wide array of people. Meanwhile, subtitling your videos is considered a great move for expanding your business as you reach audiences from various countries across the world. In this manner, through boosting the potential targeted customers, you have a great chance to expand your business.

The significance of subtitles goes beyond just entertainment, it rapidly boost sales with subtitling. Also, it is important for learning reasons and for your business expansion as well. Subtitling solutions alike assure your video to convey its message by reaching more audience as well as maximize its success.


When choosing a company to offer professional subtitling solutions, consistency and experience are very essential. Tridindia has been serving businesses like yours for 18+ years with the highest quality translation services.

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