9 Signs You Need Professional Subtitling Help

It’s all about customer experience or, more particularly, viewer experience! High-quality subtitling provides video watchers a perfect “viewer experience” that seems and feels as if they are watching in their original language. Viewers, in other words, will enjoy the rawness of the movie while slowly grasping its meaning. So, don’t you think you should know more about why you need professional subtitling help?

If you work in the media industry, television broadcasting, or film production services then you are probably already aware of the subtitles and their significance. Subtitling is the fastest growing industry and is predicted to even get bigger as video is slowly becoming very popular. There are many reasons why subtitling is becoming more demanding and why you should add subtitles to your video.

If you run a business and need to grow it to its full potential, then read further to find out 9 signs that show you need affordable subtitling in Mumbai help.

Top 9 Signs That Shows You Need Professional Subtitling Help

1. When You Want To Optimize for Global Audience

Bing, Google, Yahoo, and other search engines cannot view your motion picture. They just require few texts to crawl through. Hence, if you include subtitles to your video, search engines will automatically have more content to index. With this, you will boost organic traffic and also get higher rankings because of more diverse keywords.

The two benefits will surely combine to ultimately increase the viewership of your media.

2. When You Want To Reflect the Quality of Your Business

Subtitles can have a positive impact on your business. Your video content should show the quality of service your company offers to your clients. By hiring an experienced subtitle or prominent language service providers specializing in business translation for global companies, you can be assured that you will get content that is shown in a professional light regardless of language.

3. When You Want To Increase Viewing Time

As per research from different social media sites, videos that are watched with subtitles are proven to boost viewership time. It appears that you can convince your audience to read through your video this can make it more engaging for the audience and hence more probably to get to the end of your video. So keep in mind to subtitle your videos. Another big benefit of including subtitles in videos is SEO.

Making the most of SEO has a great impact on increasing organic traffic to your website if done appropriately. To get more advantage of subtitling you need professional subtitling. And for that, you need to know how to choose language agency.

4. When You Want To Reach Hearing-Impaired Audience

According to an organization, more than 5% of the population around the world- 466 million people- has disabling hearing loss, with the figure predicted to increase more than 900 million by 2050. Needless to say, this potential market of videos is very big to ignore. If you include subtitles in your video, you will surely be able to engage with this colossal market.

5. When You Want To Increase User Engagement

While some social media videos can be to the point and short, others can be longer and need more attention. It is a fact that people either engage with the video or say leave watching the video altogether within 3 seconds of starting. Adding subtitles to the video assists the possibility that the viewer will be engaged for longer. It totally depends on the industry, what type of translation or subtitling you want. For instance, the life science industry would want to acknowledge the major importance of life science translation.

Including subtitles in your videos will assist make the viewer’s experience more enjoyable, with or without sound. It also benefits from marketing and SEO.

6. When You Want To Encourage Silent Watching on Social

Can you ignore these two fabulous facts?

☛ More than 100 million hours of video are being viewed on Facebook each day.
☛ About 80% of social media users watch promotional videos without any sound.

Since you cannot, it is your chance to make use of the power of subtitling solutions. By including subtitles to your social media content, these videos can be made to auto-play through Twitter, Facebook, or Google so that viewers need not miss the point.

7. When You Want Clarity

The aim of subtitles is to assist audiences to know your content, possibly in other languages or in instances where they cannot hear the dialogue in your content. Either way, every decision made while subtitling your video content should be made with clarity in mind- from wording utilized in translation to the text size/fonts and placement of subtitles on the screen.

8. When You Want To Reach Overall Audience

If you think local, you will always remain local. Take YouTube as a magnificent example. Around 60% of video views on YouTube come from international boundaries.

Given this fact, global-minded media businesses that want to boost viewership are keen to include subtitles to their videos so they may conveniently reach international audiences in international territories and markets. According to the market, you can choose from various types of translation.

9. When You Want Readability

Subtitles must be readable and, besides visibility, the pacing is the biggest challenge with subtitling. Your audience can only read so quickly and making sure subtitles remain on screen for a long time can be specifically difficult with fast-paced dialogue or many people speaking at the same time. Including subtitles in your videos will assist in making the viewer’s experience more interesting, with or without sound.

Wrapping It Up:

When choosing a company to offer professional subtitling services as well as translation, track record and experience is of the utmost importance. Tridindia has been serving businesses like yours for many years with the top-notch translation, subtitling, and multi-language content in the industry. We have a team of professionals who have expertise in different industries.

To know more, call us at +91-8527599201 or mail us at [email protected]


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