Benefits of Voice Over Translation For Business Owners [3 Crucial Facts]

Do you know that video is vital for global business strategy? Nowdays many companies are realizing benefits of voice over translation to extend their business presence across national boundaries by targeting native speakers of non-English languages.

By providing authentic and precise video content in the language of a targeted audience, a company can improve brand visibility and reach a wide audience in the international world. This type of translation is better performed using several types of techniques such as UN-style voice over, actor replacement, voice replacement, and more. But, the problem is that along with these tactics, you also need professionalism and knowledge of both source and targeted language.

That’s why it is recommended to work with a trusted and experienced translation agency. If you lack knowledge about it, then read on this post.


This is a process in which narrative scripts initially undergo the translating process and then recorded in the actor’s voice over the real track that can be easily heard in the background. This types of translation services are generally used in projects that comprise localizing e-learning videos or programs, foreign-language interviews, documentaries, and feature films (in some countries).

How Does Voice-Over Translating Process Works? – Step By Step Guide

You have prepared an e-learning course, business presentation, or other videos in your language, and now want to present it in the language of the targeted audience, then you must go with the advantageous option of translation. Here is how translating process of voice over content works:

Step1: Initially, narration script is required if not provided to get translated.

Step2: Next, there is a need for translating voice-over script through experts to get the message reach across the audience in their native language. Many languages expand after being translated. Hence, the professional’s support is essential to ensure that accuracy remains the same.

Step3: Once the script is professionally translated, it becomes important to find the appropriate voice talent for its recording.

Step4: In this step, translated content is recorded in an actual voice over the original track.

Step5: At the last, outcome is delivered to the client and let it reviewed on their end as an important part of final QA (quality assurance) step.


3 Major Benefits Of Voice Over Translation

In comparison to other types of translating solutions, voice-over benefits companies a lot in multiple ways. The potential clients and customers will hear everything perfectly in their native lingo. Let’s read about more ways in which voice over translation surpasses other language services.

1. Offers Extra Bonus Point Over Transcription

Combination of English video and transcripted text in another language can lead to confusion for viewers and may also misinterpret them. As a result of which, online visitors would not like to access the content, and leave it in the middle diverting their mind towards your competitors. Translating accurate voice-over data, on the other hand, helps to create videos in the language of the targeted audience with ease of understanding.

You can offer information in a multilingual format with originality ensuring the same consistency of tone and content to enable users to quickly access the helpful details.

2. Better Alignment With Original Content

Voice-over content, when translated through reliable voice over translation experts perfectly, aligns with the originality of the source video. The entire team of professionals including writers, audio engineers, voice talent, producers, and all work in collaboration using the innovative skills and cutting-edge equipment to effectively clean audio files, manually translate the video content, balance loudness, and make other editings to make sure voice goes in alignment with the tone, sound-quality, pace, and style of source content.

3. Overcome Drawbacks Of Subtitling

The major problem with subtitling is that it mainly allows viewers to see only the words appearing on the screen, ignoring other vital elements such as expressions, body language, background details, graphics, and etc which also plays a crucial role in visual interaction. Not only this, but subtitling in another language also increase and decrease the size of the content. It may happen that text may not fit properly on the screen or look over-crowded. In fact, there might be a possibility that the original tone and mood of the video may get lost.

In contrast, using voice-over solutions of translation enables viewers to understand entire information through visual components appearing on the screen along with listening to the meaningful voice. It also prevents the problem of text expansion or contraction by a great percentage.

TridIndia benefits all size and types of companies such as startups, well-established ones, and all. No matter how complicated your project requirements are, professional human translation solutions assure 100% quality for all voice-over content to guarantee higher ROI. Experts keep in an account the audience’s attention ensuring the content remains engaging and valuable for them from beginning till end.

Hence, if you are looking for reliable voice-over content translating solutions for television commercials, e-learning courses, web presentations or others, you may simply call us at +91-8527599201 or contact us to discuss your requirements.


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