What Are The Types Of Language Translation?

Do you know clear communication is the first step to achieve understanding in business? Today’s multilingual and multicultural society demands efficient, effective, and empathetic communication between cultures and languages. That’s why knowing what are the types of language translation is important.

You can hire language translation according to the country you want to expand your business in. To make you familiar with the types of language translation, here, we have mentioned the top 8 language translation that your business needs.

So let’s roll into it…

Top 8 Languages Translations

With the growth of the internet, it is convenient to reach an audience from afar but languages can still be a strong barrier. This is the reason why translation is becoming ever more essential as it paves the way forward for global interaction.

1. Spanish Translation

Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world, which makes it one of the most popular and fruitful foreign language translation.

Translating into content into Spanish deliver you the opportunity to reach about 500 million people, in countries from Europe and Latin America. Spanish speaking countries deliver a wide array of business opportunities, mainly in terms of economic growth. Mexico, Spain, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, and Chile are all in the list of the top countries in the world with the highest GDPs.

Today, about 10% of all web content is in Spanish. This number will grow, as the purchasing power of people in Spanish speaking countries increases. Spanish is also considered one of the easiest languages to learn, which shows why it’s the most popular language of all.

2. Arabic Translation

Arabic is the most useful business language. Arabic translation, the exact translation services near me is essential to consider for business translation as it will gain your business entrance into the middle East.

Arabic, spoken by about 295 million speakers all around the world, is the official language of 27 different countries involving the United Arab Emirates, Israel, and Egypt. Plus, it is a significant player in business with its fastest-growing market.

The internet is also growing in the Middle East and with many Arab speakers only speaking Arabic, translation is important and will deliver businesses a benefit in the international market. Hence, the significance of Arabic as an international business translation is clear.

3. German Translation

With the advancement of networking and technology opportunities, the German economy proves to be the stable and strongest within the European Union, with a GDP of around 2.4 trillion Euros. In fact, being able to speak German delivers an important advantage to anyone wishing to pursue international business. The German language is the fourth most used language by about 95 million native speakers and a total of 210 million speakers around the world. It is also the most popular language for productive website translation & website localization.

Not only in Germany, the most populate country within Europe, but there are also a large number of German-speaking population within the nearby nations of Austria, Denmark, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, and Luxembourg. It is also assumed that the power to speak German could come with a wage increase of around 4%.

4. Portuguese (Brazilian) Translation

Portuguese is the official language of Brazil’s 209 million population. Currently, Brazil is ranked as the 9th largest economy in the world and Portuguese is ranked at 6th as the most spoken language across the world. Portuguese is the second most widely spoken language in Latin America and spoken in a number of African nations too. The demand for Portuguese in the US is also increasing and though Portuguese has always been an essential world language, it has only recently been identified as a vital language for business and international relations. The language has an essential role of the content translation.

With Brazil becoming a strong global economic power and the Olympics just around the corner, translating in Portuguese without any doubt has great business potential. Especially as Brazil’s business opportunities will only continue to grow.

5. Japanese Translation

Japan is the third-largest economy in the world, making the Japanese another essential business language. There are around 130 million Japanese speakers, and it is the 6th most common language for internet users.

6. French Translation

With about 75 million speakers in 39 countries, French is the most common language in business. It is the official language of many international organizations, including the United Nations and the World Trade Organization. This might be enough to justify why translation is needed now.

7. Russian Translation

Russian is an international player, it is the sixth official language of the United Nations which makes Russian an essential language for international diplomacy, relations, and trade. Due to the size of the country, its emerging economy, and its natural resources, this can conveniently make it appealing for businesses. With about 250 million speakers, it sits comfortably as the world’s eighth most common language around the world and 6 countries include Russian as an official language.

Moreover, Moscow has the top-most billionaire population of any city in the world. For these reasons, translating in Russian can be an essential step for international business interests.

8. Hindi Translation

India is quickly becoming the fastest-growing economies in the world, and the country is also the globe’s most populous country, second only to China. Approximately 1.2 billion people live in India and it is assumed that around 85% of population does not speak English. In a country where there are many local languages, Hindi is the most common denominator and is quickly growing in prevalence.

Hindi is the fifth most-spoken language in the world, with 260 million native speakers, and there have been proposals to add it to the United Nation’s list of official languages.

So, these were the languages that can be used in different types of document translation.

Wrapping It Up:

Translations are important for successful business experience, for you, your attendees, and the linguists also. It is a changing industry, so the challenges of translators are as diverse as the growing experience, every specialization has its own trick. Tridindia considers every aspect of your translation projects: your audience and demographic; tone of aesthetics and voice; local customs and trends.

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