Which is the Best Book Translation Company Or LSP In India?

Are you an author or a book publisher? Do you wish to publish your book in different languages? Are you looking for the best book translation company or LSP In India? This blog answers all your queries and suggests you a reliable option to go for. Scroll down to find out.

Gaining worldwide recognition and increasing the sales of a literary piece of work, like a book is the major reason why authors and editors prefer to translate their books in different languages. As the world has turned into a globalized town, you have immense opportunities to cater to worldwide markets and boost your book sales. But, this is easy said than done.

Without using the actual benefits of professional translators, it is very difficult to sustain in the market. Even if the target audience speaks your native language as the second language, there would be no measurable impact on your sales. So, it is quite evident now that translation is the most important factor that you must keep in mind for global book success.

Reasons To Outsource Book Translation In India

Before you get to know about the best or most reliable service provider for translating books, it is first of all, important to know why outsource translation in India. India is continuously developing in every spectrum, even in the business field. Hence, a number of international companies prefer to conduct business in the country. Also, they love to outsource different services in India.

Here are the major reasons why –
a) Low Cost:

The low cost of labour in India is the major reason why translation is available at very low cost in India. Therefore prefer hiring experienced translator for business.

b) Reduction In Workforce Cost:

Since you need not to hire an in-house translation team, it will potentially reduce any cost related to workforce, for example, reduction in infrastructure, maintenance and capital expenditure costs.

c) Skilled Workforce:

India is known for its skilled resources having a great level of experience in different translation genres and handling critical projects.

d) Friendly Outsourcing Policies:

With flexible outsourcing policies, India always encourages overseas agencies to outsource their requirements to India.

e) Variety Of Language Combinations:

By outsourcing to India, you also get access to a number of language pairs for translation, for example, English to Hindi book translation or English to Spanish translation and several other language pairs.

f) Native Indian And Foreign Translators:

As India receives a great amount of outsourced translation projects, most of the native foreign translators reside in the country. So, you get native translators for both Indian and foreign languages.

With this, you can get a clear picture on why most of the companies, authors and individuals outsource their translation work in India. So, if you have a book ready to be published in different languages, it is time to look for a translation vendor in India and get started.

Where To Get Professional Book Translation In India?

Now, its time to uncover one of the most trusted names in the translation industry. Tridindia!! tridindia is known to be among the list of top companies or LSPs for providing accurate translation of books and the best novel translation in multiple languages. If it is to be said in simple, the company excels in translating all kinds of literary works with great ease, professionalism and accuracy. And they also support you by delivering the essential benefits of human translation.

Here are some of the major reasons why tridindia is the perfect option that you will cherish for lifetime –

☞ Experience: The company is known to have more than 15 years of experience in the translation industry, which is why it always makes sense to choose tridindia over any other agency.

☞ Quality: The company maintains a superlative degree of quality by following a stringent quality process. Hence, what you get is an accurate copy of the translated book.

☞ Turnaround: The company is very strict about time deadlines and often commits the fastest turnaround with the highest level of accuracy. Hence, you can expect a speedy delivery.

☞ Human Translation: One of the most important reasons why this company achieves appreciation in the market is its human translation. All the translations are rendered by professional translators.

☞ Certification: The company is ISO certified, which is why you can always rely on the translations offered by this vendor.

☞ Presence across the globe: Although the company is physically based in India, yet it offers its services all across the globe. So, no matter, you are looking for quality literary translation in UK, Canada, Washington, India or any other worldwide location, you can be rest assured that this company would offer accurate translation within timeline.

This is not the end. There are several other reasons why this company makes the best choice among translation LSPs. However, these points make the best parameters to choose or judge any translation company.

So, are you ready to launch your book in different languages? If yes, get started with us right away. Call us at +91-8527599523 or write your queries to us immediately. Our project managers are here to help!


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