Do You Think Your Business Can Survive In The Age of Languages?

it or not, but the present age is the age of languages. People have become smarter than ever and feel the need to communicate with individuals from different ethnic groups and culture backgrounds. This is a strong signal for a business owner, which highlights that in order to survive and expand the business, he/she needs to ‘communicate’ with the audience. No matter, you are an online business owner or operate offline; communication is the key to business success, in today’s global world.

As communication is the topic here; you must understand that communication involves that both the parties are conscious and aware about what is being told. If you go on talking and talking and your target audience on the other hand feels like everything is passing from above their head, there is no value for such an effort. Your potential customers will chuck you out of their list, just like a mosquito from a tea cup.

So, if you do not wish to be that mosquito, pay your attention towards LANGUAGES – the native languages of your target audience(s).

As per a study –

There is a significant amount of improvement in the customer retention rates, if a business owner speaks to the target customers in their native language.

Nearly 56.2% of customers say that the price of a specific product or service is least important to them, if they obtain detailed information about the product or service in their native language.

Customers show great interest in learning a new language. Hence, they can understand two or more languages at the same time. This makes it easy for the entrepreneurs to target more of global customers or markets, using a single language.

On a global scale, almost 72.4% people prefer to buy the products in their own language, i.e. the sales of the products increase if the customers find that the information is provided in the language they understand or speak.

By 2050, the percentage of world population speaking English as their first language would be nearly 5%. Hence, if you depend purely on English language to cater to the global audience, you are seriously at the wrong track.

If you have been neglecting such facts knowingly or unknowingly, you were certainly putting your business success at risk. To mitigate such risks, it is better to revise your marketing strategies and include a ‘language’ factor that drives quality results for you.

So, How You Can You Protect Your Business From Drowning?

Just imagine – The present condition of your business seems to be like you are riding a boat and got stuck in the middle of the sea. The sea waves act as your competitors and keep hitting your boat, so that you drown too badly to recover again.

What will you do in such a case? Definitely, you would think of devising new strategies, so that you reach to the peak where no one could dare to hit your business.

1. Find & Research New Markets

If business expansion is your ultimate need, you must definitely start searching for new markets and customers, who would need the exact type of services or products you sell. You can start by researching your competitors. Try to be honest here and pick one or more competitors, whom you feel are genuinely better than you are. Check which markets they have been targeting and what languages or dialects are used by the potential customers.

2. Hire a Multilingual Team

Every company can sail through and reach the pinnacle, if it is supported by a talented workforce. This is the main ‘mantra’, which you have to keep in mind. Ask your HR team to hire multilingual resources, specifically for the online marketing team. This way, not only your native language would be covered in the business promotion, but also that of the multilingual audience.

3. Multilingual Online Promotion

These days, the social networking platforms are known to be the ideal way to reach out to a multilingual audience. So, why have you restricted your business growth or promotion by using a single language? Your products and services are same, you just need to promote the same in different languages across different countries. Also, make sure to create the website content in different languages. This will help you gain more customers, more product queries and in case you succeed in persuading the customers, your revenues would also increase by huge percentage.

4. Global SEO

A good SEO can help your business website, appeal and reach out to people in your target market. But, do you that it can have a worldwide impact, if you include languages in SEO? This basically points towards multilingual SEO, which involves providing or displaying optimized website content in a diverse range of languages. The major benefit of this is that your customers (who may be speaking different languages) would easily be able to find your business and ask for your products or services.

The basic gist concludes that if you speak or communicate with your customers in their mother tongue, they will not only help your business get protected against drowning, but also help you sail through with flying colors.

Get Serious, If You Want To Survive

Survival should be your priority before deciding on any big goals. So, first of all try to get out that danger zone and then design some killer tactics that will connect you to your customers. Once connected, there will be no looking back and the improved sales will keep motivating you to look for new prospects and effective solutions for communication.

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