Is Your WordPress Website Multilingual? If Not, You’re At Loss

You may definitely agree to the fact that your website is the online face of your business. The potential customers around the globe recognize you by that online face only. So, don’t you think that the so called ‘online face’ must have the potential to communicate to a huge mass of multilingual audience? If you believe that an English website will help you reach out to the whole world, you are mistaken badly. Not all the people in the world speak English as their first, second or third language. ‘English is spoken and understood by every individual on this earth’ – this is a huge misconception that must be cleared as soon as possible.

To survive in the global marketplace, you need to follow multilingualism, just like many translation (and other organizations) companies do. It simply helps your business grow beyond the national boundaries. So, if you operate a WordPress website, or any other, like Joomla or Drupal website, you must convert them from monolingual to multilingual site.

As per a study, customers will not browse, stay or read or buy, if your website doesn’t speak in their local language. Also, it should be noted that they do not prefer using any kind of translation software. For every monolingual website owner, here are some benefits of WordPress multilingual site that are getting deprived of, today –

1. Improvement in SEO

Local SEO drives business. Thus, if your website reaches out to the customers with a multilingual strategy, SEO-friendly content and the local traditional flavors with national domains (like .ru, .de, .fr, .es etc.), you are sure to find improvement in the website ranking. Most of the searches made on Google are carried out in different languages, other than English. This very fact is a sign that you are missing out a number of customers, who might be interested in your services, but do not speak your language.

2. A Better Conversion Rate

Providing a multilingual content has become a serious and important matter than ever because it helps in building brand loyalty. On the other hand, brand loyalty builds a long term and fruitful relationship with your customers. So, you cannot be ignorant about translation, if you mean real business and targeting specific area. Your customers will feel emotionally engaged/ connected to your brand, only if you speak to them in their mother tongue.

3. Boost in Sales

Obviously, your product/ service sales would increase, if your engagement with the customer increases. But, to make sure you achieve fine results, you need to go a step ahead with wordpress website localization. It will help you deeply connect to your audience, which in turn would drive more visits, sales, business leads and revenues. You will also be able to create an environment that would motivate your potential customers to participate in your online communities.

You can avoid losses this way –

● Never ever use auto translation software.
● Do not neglect SEO.
● Focus on the local languages of your potential customers.
● Check your website regularly (for any issues).
● Keep it simple for the user to switch to your other language website.
● Do not simply stick to translation; you may also need transcreation or localization for a better impact.

So, all the monolingual website owners, it is time to get into some action. A wise business man is the one, who regularly strategizes to grow his business and learn from his mistakes. You too, must learn from your mistakes, as it is not yet too late. You can still rise and capture the market.

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