6 Business Documents That Need Translation – Do You Know?

The global world of today is united together with an invisible thread of languages. Irrespective of the geographical boundaries, people communicate with each other in different languages, giving a major reason to businesses to translate their documents. Translation makes it easy for business owners to convey their brand message or spread brand awareness in the international market. But, this cannot be achieved unless you have prepared yourself for the same. Only hiring a translator or a translation service provider isn’t enough; you need to prepare some important business documents that are used for direct communication with the customers.

Here are some of the major business documents that need translation –

1. Marketing And Advertising Documents

Marketing and advertising translation is the most important thing that you must keep in mind. This is because when you translate your marketing and media content in the customer’s language, you basically attract new visitors to your website, and help them explore every minute detail about your brand. Through a translated version of your website, your customers will be able to browse your online store, learn about your services and products and build trust in your brand.

2. Legal Documents

Translating legal documents is very essential for a business owner. For example, if you are planning to set up your business in a foreign country, you need to make sure that legal documents, such as contracts, affidavits, letter of permission of work etc., are translated in the target language. This will prove that you are a genuine business owner who has fulfilled all the legal formalities.

3. Technical Documents

You might have different product catalogues, drawings, product manuals, service instructions and software manuals related to your product. Now, when you launch your product in an international market, it becomes very important for you to translate these documents in the native language of the customers. Failing to do so, will degrade your customer’s experience, and you might lose your loyal customers eventually.

4. Refund And Exchange Policies

For an online store, it is very important to keep its customers updated about everything that falls within their buying procedure. So, if you are planning for quick business document translation, make sure you also translate the refund and exchange policies mentioned on your website. This will make your customers feel more confident and connected with your brand. Even if you have such policies in a written format for the training purpose of your diverse workforce, do get them translated.

5. Newsletters

Communication is the foundation pillar of every business, be it online or offline. Especially for the online business owners, it is very important to keep in touch with the customers, as the competition in the online world is too severe to handle. This is why experts recommend businesses to translate their newsletters and keep sharing them with the previous customers. This way the percentage of returning and loyal customers by a major margin. You can even translate the regular e-mails to keep them posted about the deals and special offers launched by your brand. Many studies have found business email translation to be very effective in implementing marketing strategies.

6. Patents

Last but not the least, you must get your patents translated in the foreign language(s). Since they are very sensitive in nature, you must get them translated only under the supervision of expert translators. Even a slight line spacing or punctuation error can become a huge reason for controversies over patent litigation and foreign filing. So, do take the help of professional translators.

Are you planning to expand your business overseas? If yes, do get these documents translated, as they will ease the entire process and help you persuade the target customers very easily. At TridIndia, we have a team of professional and experienced translators, who specialize in translating a variety of business documents in different language combinations. So, no matter how complex your requirements are, or how bulky the assignment is, we can handle everything with great ease. To know more about our services, language pairs or the type of translation we offer, do give us a call or share your query through e-mail.

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