Beware Of The Common Mistakes In Medical Translation!

Translation is a very complex job; converting words from one language to another, making sure that the meaning, context, style and tone are conveyed in the right manner is easier said than done. Translators have to make sure that the documents translated, are not just presented in the target language, but also easily understood by the target customers. This is why experts always recommend to take the help of professional translators, who clearly understand different cultural factors and target language nuances.

But, do you know that the translation job gets even more complex in case of specialized translation? Yes, in case of medical translation, the complexity level of translation reaches an extreme level. Owing to the sensitive nature of these documents, it becomes very difficult for a translator to deliver an accurately translated copy of the source documents.

Hence, every translator must be aware of some common mistakes in medical translation that can easily be avoided with little practice.

1. Word To Word Translation

One of the most common mistakes in translation of medical documents is word to word translation. In some documents, related to media, entertainment etc., this type of translation approach might work. But, in case of medical translation, it is definitely not effective. For instance, you find a sentence in passive voice in the source document. Now, it may not be necessary to translate the document in passive voice only. You just need to make sure that the meaning, style and tone is intact.

2. Wrong Terminology

If you are a medical translator, you would obviously know that understanding the medical terminologies and using them appropriately is very important. Hence, keep a check on the terminologies you use in the target document. If you have any type of confusion in any of the terms, consult someone and then use the same.

3.Comparison With The Past

This is a complete psychological aspect which causes problems in translation. Most of the translators often compare their present experiences with their clients from their past experiences. They feel that their clients are becoming more demanding and that the money they offer is quite less as compared to the past. Due to this, they fail to concentrate on their work. As a result, they commit several silly mistakes in the translation.

4.Using Fancy Words

As mentioned above, one must not translate word-to-word in medical translation, as it is inappropriate in some cases. However, this does not mean that the translator has the freedom to use fancy words in the final output. As the translated output will be used by the medical practitioners and patients, you must only convey the message in the target language, without the use of any creative words.

5.Not Assessing Project Timelines

Clients, who outsource urgent medical translation, expect that their assignment would be delivered to them within a very short frame of time. In this situation, companies or translators must ensure that the assignment is divided among two or more translators, so as to meet the time deadline. But, incapability to assess the time required in completing the translation or not dividing the project in ‘parts’ leads to client dissatisfaction. Since, the translator has the burden to complete the assignment ASAP, he or she tends to makes mistakes in translation.

6.Not Proofreading

Last but not the least; the translators, due to rush or some other reason, do not proofread the content. Hence, the quality of the content degrades. Proofreading is done to check and remove any wrong usage of word that could be very dangerous to the patient’s health. Hence, every translator must take some time to go through the final output and check for any errors.

Here at TridIndia, we make sure that our translators keep all of the above points in mind and deliver an accurate translated output. Also, one should note that our translators are experienced in different medical areas, for example, Dermatology, Anesthesiology, Emergency medicine and others. So, if you are looking for error-free translation in the medicine field, you are at the right place. In case you are a professional translator, join us and work for deemed clients. For further information, do git in touch with us instantly.

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