7 Major Businesses That Need Transcription Services Today

With the increasing dependency over technology, businesses all over the world are relying heavily on online marketing strategies to target the online audience. Right from video to audio, all types of technologies are used today, giving a quick boost to transcription that involves converting an oral file into a well-written text. Having quality transcripts at hand, help a business owner keep a record of any oral discussions carried during a business meeting, track what strategies have already been used and what needs to carried out in action etc.

Also, when these transcripts are used in the description section of any video or audio, it helps in boosting the ranking of the same and attracts audience.

In simple words, transcription is the need of the hour for most of the businesses. If you do not have access to quality transcripts of your upcoming business strategies, product features or legal terms, your business can be at risk.

Broadly speaking, the major types of businesses that need professional transcription today are mentioned below –

1. Insurance Professionals

Transcription is widely used by insurance professionals for transcribing claims investigations. Since everything needs to be documented with superlative degree of accuracy, the transcripts are required to be strictly verbatim, which involves transcribing everything exactly as in the audio file. Apart from transcription of claims investigations, insurance professionals also need transcription for other materials such as reports, victim and witness interviews and statements.

2. Police And Law Enforcement Department

Transcription for police department is a specialized type of transcription that involves transcription of witness statements, victim interviews, wiretaps, accident reports, police reports, interrogations, and investigations. It is also used in law enforcement departments, where reliable legal transcription is performed under the supervision of expert and knowledgeable transcriptionists. The nature of the work here is very sensitive, hence, higher levels of accuracy are required.

3. Financial Sector

As the financial information is very sensitive and needs to be documented for long-term reference and benefits, transcription plays an important role in the financial sector. Transcribing services are majorly required by stock brokerages, banks, accountancy companies and credit card companies, among different financial service companies.

4. Entertainment Sector

Reality TV, films, radio programs, documentaries, podcasts, online videos, and webcasts are widely demanded for transcription. A number of radio and TV production companies search for transcription vendors to get their materials transcribed for long-term use. You would be amazed to know that this industry often demands for special kind of transcripts, for example, movie character emotions, scene descriptions, camera angles, accents, music and sound effects etc.

5. Media Industry

The media industry also demands for different types of transcription, as PR agencies and journalists conduct interviews on a regular basis. These interviews are then transcribed to produce well-documented press releases and articles. There are also brand journalists, who interview the CEOs of different companies. Hence, these interviews are also transcribed.

6. Authors

Transcription is also needed by authors, who often interview legends and famous personalities to pen down their biographies. These interviews are transcribed word by word so that no information is left out from including in the biography. Also, there’s a new trend in the market, wherein the authors dictate their e-books and get them transcribed at a later date.

7. Digital Marketers

Freelance transcribers find huge scope of work in the digital marketing world, owing to the popularity of video and content marketing. Be it live streams, webinars, podcasts or online videos, digital marketers face the need to transcribe all type of materials that is produced to engage the online audience. Hence, there is no shortage of materials for effective transcription for business in the digital marketing world.

Transcribe To Reach Your Audience

Transcription is one of the most important, yet the most underrated services that exist in the business world. Although it is needed in almost every industry, yet the major problem that lies here is that the business owners do not realize their importance. Even if they realize, it is too late by then. Most of you might not know that adding written transcripts to your videos (as in meta description) can help you attract the attention of search engines, which will eventually help you attract the audience.

This is why you need to make sure that you look for a reliable transcription company, like TridIndia that possesses years of experience in transcribing a variety of materials for industry biggies. So, if you have a transcription requirement, do connect with us right away.

To know more about our services call us at +91-8527599223 or get a free transcription quote today.

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