Know The Major Types of Transcription For Your Business Needs

Transcription involves developing a textual archive of video or audio recordings of conferences, meetings, or any other business interaction. So, don’t you think you should Know The Major Types Of Transcription For Your Business Needs?

Whether it is to ignore lawsuits or disputes, every business should maintain detailed records of its communications. It is just impossible to keep in mind every information discussed, and that is the main reason why business transcriptions are essential. At most business meetings, conferences, seminars, brainstorming sessions, or interviews, there is generally no dedicated staff member present to take down notes or type any proceedings, nor is it possible for members included in the proceedings to do it themselves.

Business interactions are hence, audio-recorded and outsourced to a prominent transcription service provider for reliable transcription.

Understanding Transcription

Transcription is when you take your audio or video from your zoom calls, conference calls, presentations, board meetings, interviews, focus groups, call centers, tv spots and transcribe them into text. This will permit you to utilize the text for research, training, and many other things that need the data extracted for other tasks. Professionals understand that business conference calls, meetings, letters, and so on mostly hold financial data, competitive strategies, and confidential new business ideas. Transcribers have the experience and skills to manage all of that with the full care and discretion you require.

Know Different Types Of Transcription


1. Academic Transcription

The major benefit of proficient language transcription is that it enables students to record their seminars, lectures, Q&A sessions, and more word-for-word. They can then go through the content in detail later, making sure they know it and haven’t missed any key points. Universities can also upload as well as record transcripts of lectures to their site for non-attendees. Academic transcription can be very beneficial for ESL students. By having the lectures transcribed and then translated into the student’s native language, they can invest more time digesting the content to make sure they obtain a proper understanding.

Transcription can also assist people with hearing impairments, and those who have a problem following a lecturer’s speech for other reasons. Professional transcribers can prominently capture and record each statement, irrespective of slang, accents, and other nuances.

2. Conference Transcription

Translating your keynote sessions into text will take most of your time. It will enable you to meet a new audience all across the globe. When you already have a transcript on hand, it will be convenient to translate it into other languages. You have just got to be picky in terms of accuracy and cost.

Adding to that, transcribing your conference also lets you share its content with everyone who was absent during the event. Whether it is an employee or a client who failed to attend, no-shows can get the same power of the meeting as the attendees had. Meanwhile, analysts and journalists can effectively scan the document, enabling an easy overview of the conference.

Those who are lazy or just do not have sufficient time to thoroughly read the transcript, they could just look for the highlights of the meeting. Conference transcription will also make you realize why transcription is important for growth.

3. Legal Transcription

Transcriptions of legal proceedings from an audio format into a text one are known as legal transcriptions. Transcription can assist law firms by providing them a verbatim recording of jury decisions or witness testimonies that are appropriate. The most popular type of legal transcription is courtroom proceedings, followed by transcriptions of depositions, legal briefs, conference calls, wiretaps, jury instructions, or interrogations. Mostly legal transcriptions have to be developed from video or audio footage.

Legal transcriptions are more than just a text format of a speech. They are required to maintain a precise record of what was said in the court or to keep appropriate legal proceedings. Legal professionals or lawyers can use really cheap transcription solutions to develop a trial plan, create a plan for appeals, know the jury’s decision, decide on which questions to ask a witness or study past cases.

In some situations, the transcripts themselves are utilized as evidence.

4. Business Transcription

Transcripts are like the building blocks of a company’s data and communications. It is the first step in filtering and organizing your raw information into useful applications. It can hold information to be distributed throughout your complete organization and to the public.

Whether you regularly transcribe phone calls or require transcripts in high volume, business transcription is the most precise, complete, and dedicated customer service established for corporate clients.

5. Market Research Transcription

Having the research audio transcribed permits for quoting more conveniently. Some groups, in general, focus much more on detail rather than your average survey-based market research so you will have to go for verbatim transcription. This way, you can make sure that no one is skipping a beat. Who knows, maybe you will get a quote from your group on the next new makeup set you throw into your shopping cart. Furthermore, there is a major importance of transcription in every industry.

To make sense of your findings for your own review or to showcase the outcomes of your research, transcription can assist facilitate your understanding by displaying the material in one easy-to-search document. No longer you will be stuck at your desk in a continuous cycle of pause, play, and write. It is much convenient to do a search within a text document to get exactly what you are searching for rather than trying to find it within the audio.


When you permit a professional transcription to look after your transcription requirement, you can save money, time and keep your operations on track at the same time deliver flexibility to your company. We at Tridindia have a team of professionals providing different transcription services like business, generate, legal, and many more.

Contact us to help with your transcription needs or for more information. Call us at +91-8527599223 or mail us at [email protected]


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