Is Telepathy a Universal Language? – All You Need To Know

If you think that Telepathy is a Universal Language then you might want to know more about it. There are two minimum scientific studies, which actually explored the validity of the mind to mind communication, wherein two persons exchange information with one another without using vision, touch or even sense of hearing. The results shown promising ones of real telepathy with machine help.

Telepathy Research:

A promising research team from Harvard Medical School, research institute Starlab and Axilum Robotics came up with a study in 2014 aiming at development of system to enable telepathic communication. The team even published research paper in PLOS One journal. It paved the way to reliable language translation services to some extent.

The current setup of the study is unrefined and the researchers admit that it is more of concept proof that any actual usable system. What researchers plan to do is convey simple message from one person in one place to number of others in remote areas without the sender speaking or writing it down. Similarly, the recipient had to procure message without using senses. The sender and recipients were used to communicate directly through brains.

The setup mainly called for use of EEG sensors stick to scalp of person sending message and TMS on heads of receiver. TMS is a device used in treating depression and noninvasively stimulating neurons in brain. For the sender to receive message, he need to learn equivalent binary codes for the individual letters. For example, the “h” in system has binary code of “00111.” The message sender had to project message without writing or talking. It was done by moving hand to indicate “1” or leg to indicate “0” or just spell out word as per the binary code that the research team established. The sender ill right the binary code mentally for specified letter until full word can be spelled out.

For the recipient, the message is obtained as flashes of light. It is comparable of use of Morse code. “1” transmitted by message translates to flash of light while “0” states blank. The recipient will see combinations of blanks and light flashes to represent letters. Seeing over here does not man literal image perception though receiver’s eyes of message are blindfolded. The light will flash only mentally as induced by TMS system.

It will actually take around 70 minutes for sender to relay the message completely. This experiment took place between people located in multiple countries. The sending party was there in India while the receivers were located in France. The first transmitted word was “hola” while the second one was “ciao.”

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Telepathy research from the University of Washington:

This telepathy research is not what a new approach is to explore telepathy possibility. Just a year before 2014 study, the Washington University conducted study with similar EEG to TMS setup. Well, in place of using brain signals for generating message and transmitting message to brain of receiving person, the research used signals for controlling hand motions of another person.

Here, the researcher Rajesh Rao transmitted brain signals to fellow researcher Andrea Stocco. The two were only on same campus but signals were sent via internet. The machine aided brain to brain communication, making it possible for Rao to cause Stocco fingers to move on keyboard as per his intention to some extent.

The research setup needs subjects to be isolated fully from one another to ensure that they do not have hints or any other reading the intention of message sender. They wore noise cancelling ear buds and looking at screens with multiple images.

One major difference of study with one mentioned earlier is that sender of brain signal does not try to make the other person take and understand message. It is more of telepathic control than communication. Even though this setup might make other person receive a message by controlling fingers to type something into keyboard, it will not constitute direct brain to brain based message transmission.

What Studies Say:

Are you in need of need of professional translation firm? Before that, you might want to know what studies have said about telepathy. The neurology professor at the Harvard Medical School has stated that one of the goals over here was to develop new communicative way for patients, who might not have the ability to just speak or use any other communicating methods. In an interview, he stated that the team sought to improve the ways in which people might communicate as confronted with sensory limitations and articulation.

In simple words, research shows that communication possibility with someone cannot ensure use of usual alternative communication modes as Braille reading and sign language. Mute and deaf people can always opt for sign language. Those with loss sense of sight can go for Braille. There are options to use Morse code as long the person has one basic sense available.

Applying beyond the art of basic communication:

The applications of telepathy are not limited to the basic communicative ones. It can be well used in other areas like battlefield for facilitating discrete communication. Furthermore, the same service can be used in government or business negotiations to ensure sincerity. Moreover, it can be revolutionary communicative method for not just humans but between humans and machines and animals.

It can easily revolutionize way people mix with equipment or smart devices. It is further possible to communicate with animals to help people understand what they are saying.

Universal Language:

Right now, the universal language is mainly associated with English. But you need Foreign Languages Translation for some other services over here. English is understood by most of the people. This language is what people try to use to connect with others using different languages, without learning the native language over ere. Even when it is about sign language, the ASL is regarded as commonly used service. It is true to state that telepathy can be superior to any communicative method and can be the real universal language. Telepathic communication entails learning new language. It is more like having someone learn and use Morse code or Braille.

The setup will entrails development of new system of reading and writing message even though based on English. The users have to memorize binary codes for the numbers, letters and characters to generate message read by machine. After few years, the researchers have to craft better system for an efficient mental generation and even message interpretation, giving rise to a new language.

English with alphabet form of writing happens to be the basis of new language for the telepathic creativity and message reading. It is hard to memorize extensive sets of such binary codes and mentally generate message with the same. So, the alphabet ones are more advantageous over here.

Telepathy Is Not Perfect Today:

Before you come up with the answer on Why Hire a Content Writing Agency, you might want to learn a bit more about telepathy first. However, you should be sure of one thing that telepathy is not likely to be communicative one very soon. There is quite a long way to cover by the researchers for that.
The studies have concluded one way communication through telepathic sections. It takes a long time to generate and then transmit the message. A system can be used to have conversion is remote possibility. Then you also have to think about the TMS and EEG equipment, which cannot be stated to be cheap. They are not even made portable or mobile at the same time, so the services will take a long of time to cover up for sure.

Communication Through Translation:

Telepathy might have been a reality for some people, but the technology is making it even more promising with every passing day. It will take time to research and then develop the unstable scenario of the present condition. It will take some extra time to become new language or communicative system. If you want to communicate in new language for the time being, then TridIndia is the name you can trust always with your might.

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