What Are The Major Challenge For A Moderator?

Keeping an intimidating content off the internet is the biggest challenge for a moderator. These online gurus perform such a hard-hitting task that no one of us can ever imagine going through; and the worst part is that their work is never appreciated. Take yourself as an ultimate example. Simply rewind your thoughts and analyze how many times, while reading comments on Facebook, Twitter etc., have you thought that this peaceful discussion is the result of a moderator’s extreme labor? Obviously, the score would be zero. None of us thinks that way.

However, the reality says that whatever you are reading, viewing or perceiving online, is actually a sign of ‘moderation’ or ‘no moderation’. At one hand, where the former indicates the lack of a proficient moderation team, on the other hand, the latter clearly depicts that a full-fledged team is dedicated towards regulating the type of content posted by the users.

As a result, you get to come across a welcoming environment that is free from absurdity, nudity and abusive content.

So, next time when you find an online discussion to be clear and purely related to the desired topic, thank a moderator. But, do you think the task is that easy? There are numerous challenges that a moderator faces; and it requires a whole lot of expertise, talent, knowledge, and patience to deal with the same.

Some of the major challenges are mentioned as under –

a) Psychological Stress

One of the biggest challenges that moderators face is psychological stress. Before allowing a post to be live, the moderators have to read dirty comments or watch absurd videos that pose a harmful effect on the minds of the moderators. The whole process is no less than a psychological trauma.

Reports have found that the moderators have often watched images of war victims, pornographic videos, child soldiers engaged in killings, brutal animal killing etc. Dealing with such non-sense content on a regular basis is seriously a threat to someone’s personality.

b) Real Time Assurance

In the field of moderation, you cannot afford delay of even one second. As comments keep on updating on any user content, the moderator has to remain cautious and take immediate action, before any genuine customer reads the same. Although, experienced moderators manage to conduct the same with great precision, yet it is a challenge that they have to go through round the clock.

Post moderation requires removal of the absurd content within few seconds, after it is posted; and seriously, those few seconds are truly panicking nightmares.

c) Slangs or Double Meaning Content

Slangs or double meaning content is one of the major challenges in effective translation solution and moderation as well. Just like translators find it hard to understand the meaning of slangs in local language, the moderators also face difficulties, when such content is presented for moderation. People post double meaning content or varied slang words, which are often tricky to understand.

For beginners, who are new to the moderation world, this experience is quite horrifying.

d) Negative Speech

Hatred or negativity is something that easily attracts a human being. You may hear hundred good things about a person. But, the moment you come to know about a single negative point, you will instantly forget all the good characteristics he/she imbibes. This is the same, when you get involved in an online discussion. While discussing about a particular business on an online community, the competitors often try to put that brand down, and deliberately post content that is strictly non-acceptable.

In such a case, the entire responsibility of maintaining a positive brand image is delegated to the moderation team. This, in a way, is an out-n-out challenge for the team, as it is solely responsible for washing away all the dirt that the users or competitors use as a strategic ploy.


No wonder, challenges for a moderator are many. But, they always succeed in providing you with high quality moderation services. In case you are a beginner moderator, start working on assignments under the guidance of experienced professionals, as moderation is not a kid’s play; it often becomes a severe case of failure or success for any organization.

On the other hand, if you are an entrepreneur, choose a vendor that has an established name in the global moderation industry. Whatever the case be, from now on, do pay some respect to the moderators, when you find a perfect, clean discussion going on at an online platform.

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