Translation & Marketing Research Industry: A Direct Connection

We are living in a fast-moving world where it has become mandatory to keep pace with it. It is an era where only those things are accepted which are speedy and give instant results. The marketing research domain is also not untouched, but this. The organizations trying to find space in the new markets are keener to see the results in an expeditious way. Translation is an indispensable tool for making this happen. Translation helps in effectively translating the information from one language to another and thus becomes an important tool in determining your success in a foreign land. This article will tell how we can get faster results, without compromising with the reliability of information, with translation.

What Is Market Research Industry?

Market research, commonly known as MR, is an action or activity of gathering, analyzing and interpreting information about consumers’ needs and preferences. It is a detailed study of the consumer and the environment around to provide best possible services. This is basically carried out to assess how the consumer behavior is affected by the change in the marketing mix. These insights help in making crucial business decisions and marketing strategies because it is the accurate information which forms the foundation of all successful businesses.

With the increasing competition in the market, it is becoming very difficult to retain the complete attention of the consumer. Any mistake in the marketing strategy can bring a lot of loss to the organization as these strategies are directly related to the company’s brand name. This is where the role of market research industry comes into play. Marketing researchers use their expertise in consumer behavior and market knowledge and help in transforming the data according to the needs of the targeted audience and thus aids in effective branding and advertising the product in the new land.

Why Market Research Industry Chooses ‘Multiple Language Connect’?

Carrying out market research helps the organizations to discover how well the product is doing in the market and what are the areas where it can improve. But carrying out the same research in an altogether different environment can be very different as the response to the same product can vary from one place to another. The reason is the difference in language and culture. That is why the market research industry chooses multiple language contents. They have people who are expert in market research and translations so that they can effectively understand the concept and terminology of the new audience and create the content accordingly. They are the people who understand the new culture and are therefore successful in trans creating the content with the right meaning and emotion. This helps in knowing about the opinion of the customers and making it suitable according to their needs if required.

Segments/Processes Of Marketing Research Where Translation Is Must:

To make a mark in any new market, it is very crucial to have an efficient market research translation. The main processes involved in the marketing research include questionnaires, surveys, reports, stimulus material, briefing notes, transcripts and discussion guides. This helps in the translation of the questionnaires in the language of the targeted market and then retranslation of the result into original language so as to understand the review. The collection of such material is not possible without the in-depth study of the market because this field doesn’t have a single formula for all. There is a different language and cultural beliefs of every place and you cannot apply the same approach in every case. The method of the survey also varies from place to place. The translation companies must, therefore, have translators who are well versed with the language and culture of the targeted audience and have a processing style which best fits the market.

Processes At A Glance:

1. Translation For Questionnaires:

The surveys and questionnaire are conducted to get accurate data which is very vital for any business. But what if the data of research are meaningless and thus is of no use? This is the reason why the proper translation of questionnaires is so important. The main problem which arises in such cases is the translation from one language to another. If there is improper translation and the customer of another language interprets it in a different way than it was intended, then the answer provided by him will also not be a right and accurate one. This will not only lead to misleading answers but will also lead to a wrong report which will serve no purpose. The survey will thus be not accurate, nor will the conclusion be. So, the improper and inaccurate translations must be avoided to prevent the project from getting ruined.

This can be achieved by having a professional translator with adequate experience in market analysis, expertise in both the source and target language, sufficient knowledge about the cultures of the targeted audience and also experience in survey translation so that the target users understand the questions with the same ease as the source population does.

2. Translation For Survey Responses

It is not sufficient to translate the questionnaire into the new language. It must be properly translated back into the source language so that the result of the survey can be analyzed. This process faces many difficulties like the nonexistence of certain words in other languages, nonexistence of concepts, difficulty in analysis handwritten surveys, lexical differences, etc. therefore it is very important the translation is carried out by experienced native speaking translators who understand the target audience to be certain that the results obtained reflects what the consumers of another language meant to convey.


The above-mentioned article clearly tells that there is a direct and an unbreakable relation between the ‘Marketing Research Industry & Translation’. Translation can be called as the backbone of the market research industry, despite the type of survey carried out by them. The market research industry needs professional translators, who have the knowledge about the market, to translate the material into different languages by keeping the cultural differences in mind. Only with this fuel of translation can the super jet of market research achieve productive output with accurate results.

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