Conference Interpreting Tips: 6 Fruitful Tips To Improve Conference Interpreting

Conference interpretation during international seminars, exhibitions and other major events is quite common these days. As businesses have realized the importance of reaching a global audience, investing in interpretation has indeed become a necessity for business owners. But, have you ever wondered how different organizations prepare for the event or how they improve the interpreting session for conferences?

Here, in this blog, we will explore some useful tips to improve conference interpreting. So, let’s get started. You just need to understand a few things and prepare the interpreters for the session in advance.

1. Understand The Concept Of Conference Interpreting

First of all, you need to understand what exactly is conference interpreting. Most of the time, the business owners get confused between the different types of interpretation, viz. simultaneous and conference interpreting. So, before hiring an interpreter, clear your concepts on conference interpreting.

Typically, this type of interpretation begins once the speaker has paused for the interpreter to carry on the discussion in the target language.

2. Schedule Hiring In Advance

As stated above, interpretation is a huge need today. Hence, the chances that you find the most talented interpreters pre-booked by another company or organization are very high. You should, therefore, begin searching for the right interpreters ahead of time. As soon as you decide the interpretation venue and dates, contact an agency that deals with reliable conference interpretation in Dallas immediately.

They will book their interpreters for your event in advance and won’t accept any other project on those dates.

3. Provide Conference Materials In Advance

This is one of the most important points to keep in mind for improving interpretation. Once an interpreter is assigned to your project, you need to equip him or her with essential study materials. This will help him/her prepare for the interpretation in advance. When interpreters are not provided with an overview of the conference agenda, they fail to deliver accurate interpretation.

The lack of knowledge regarding the context makes the entire situation awkward and often the interpreter may end up communicating the wrong message.

4. Provide Copies Of Presentation

This is related to the point mentioned above. If you are going to discuss different topics at the event through presentations, do provide a copy to the interpreters. Though professional interpreters are experienced enough to interpret anything that comes their way, yet it is always a good idea to equip the interpreter with all the information in advance.

This will help the interpreter to quickly analyze what’s next and speed up the interpretation process.

5. Do Not Speak Too Quickly

To ensure accuracy in interpretation, you must avoid speaking quickly. Do not be too quick or too slow. Pick a pace that allows the interpreter to grasp what’s being said and communicate the same to the other party. Also, try to pronounce each and every word very clearly so that the interpreter doesn’t feel the need to ask you to repeat the sentence.

6. Avoid Using Colloquialisms

In formal events, it is always recommended to avoid using slangs, informal language or colloquialisms. Being a business owner, you might have a clear understanding of what type of language should be used while addressing clients. But, when you are addressing a multi-cultural, multilingual audience, you need to be extra cautious about what you convey and how you convey.


Preparing the interpreters in advance and relying on a professional interpretation company can help you improve conference interpreting without any hassle. At TridIndia, we work in close coordination with the clients to guide them throughout the process of professional interpretation service in USA. Right from determining the type of interpretation that suits your needs to providing you a professional interpreter and interpretation equipment on rent, we will guide you with everything. We even arrange for an interpretation venue anywhere in India along with facilities, like accommodation, travel, recreation etc.

Our talented interpreters on board are well versed in different languages and specialized fields that make them the perfect match for your interpretation assignment. So, if you are planning for interpretation during a conference anywhere in the world, do get in touch with us.

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