Why Patent Translation Is Important For Businesses?

Protecting intellectual property rights and eliminating the violation of patents are important legal matters that need your attention right away. If you are targeting an international market and all of your patent documentation, like patent claims, drawings etc. are not translated, your rights on the patent can be unfairly misused by your competitors. Hence, patent translation is very important for businesses and inventors. Wherever you go, translated patent documentation will protect your invention from illegal use, marketing or selling.

This blog explains the importance of patent translation for global businesses. So, scroll down and stay tuned.

1. Protects Patent In Foreign Countries

A patent is granted by the government to ensure maximum internationalization and protection in a foreign country. In the absence of the translation of the original patent, your patent rights are likely to get infringed. Hence, it is essential to translate the original patent document into the native languages of different countries where you want to sell the invention. Translation will help you get the title of registration certificate provided by the respective governments of targeted foreign countries.

2. Fulfills The Purpose Of Patent Filing

Translation fulfills your purpose of filing the patent application. Such type of translation is generally carried out when you need to get your patents translated for litigation. While outsourcing reliable patent translation in Mumbai, you must ensure that the translators understand the differences in statutes, practice and regulation among the Japanese Patent Office, the US Patent and Trademark Office, and the European Patent Office.

3. Helps You In The Global Business Market

Translation is very important in the present global business scenario. It helps the patent holder to gain success and stay competitive in the international market. By protecting the patent in different jurisdictions, it does not just protect your rights in different countries but also helps you stay as the leader or pioneer in the market. Realizing the importance of patent translation, many countries vouch for translating patents. According to WIPO, nearly 3,127,900 applications for utility patents were filed in 2016. Of these, 605,571 applications were from the US alone.

4. Translation During Research

Translation plays the role of a key pillar while the research for filing a patent in different countries is under process. The research involves finding if there is any patent similar to the one you own. Proper research protects you against any infringement on a similar kind of patent in the market. Typically, the similar patents that you may find during your research would be in different languages. Hence, you will need language translators to get the patent documents translated into your language and understand the claims or specifications mentioned in the patent documents.

5. Protects From The Perils Of Wrong Translation

Often inventors, who understand two or more languages, prefer to translate the patent documents on their own or ask one of their acquaintances to resume the task. But, this is not the right approach. As a patent is a legally binding document, any minute mistake in the translation can result in awful financial or legal consequences. Errors in translation can limit the scope of your patent and you may not be provided with 360-degree protection levels that will further put your patent rights at risk.

You surely do not want that. Right? To avoid serious consequences, you should only hire a professional translation company, like TridIndia that deals with the translation of patents.

Patent Cooperation Treaty

Patent Cooperation Treaty is offered to all the member countries by the World Industrial Property Organization.

A patent application provides the inventor with patent protection in nearly 148 countries. Though initial processing of the application is initiated, translation in other languages is also required when it reaches the national level. Incorrect translation or delay in translation can hamper your patent filing process. Hence, TridIndia comes to your rescue as your ultimate translation partner. We excel in providing reliable legal document translation in UK, which involves translating all types of documents, including the legal documents. The team working with us understands that a faulty translation can reduce the coverage of a patent at the national level. Hence, they follow a stringent QC process to check the quality of translation at each and every step. In very simple words, your patent documents are in safe hands when you are with TridIndia. For more details, give us a call today.

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