Creative Writing vs Content Writing: 5 Key Differences You Need to Know

“A creative writer is different from a content writer.” – Did this statement make you shocked? More than this, the difference between Creative Writing vs Content Writing will surely surprise because they are frequently used interchangeably.

It is not just you, many people often get confused between these two emerging fields of writing.

There are few elements of the two that overlap and the debate on creative writing vs. quality content writing continues.

In this blog, we’ll clear your confusion by telling you the fundamental of both types of writing. Furthermore, we’ll also bring out the important points of differences between these two types of writings.

Key Differences Between Creative Writing & Content Writing

There are major differences between content writing and creative writing, based on several factors.

1- Definition:

Creative writing is a great writing style that brings more inspiration out of emotions, experiences, subconscious feelings, prejudices, and attributes. In short, its scope is completely limitless. It can include a plethora of forms and genres, from prose, and poems, to long academic essays.

As the name suggests, creative writing solely relies on the creative juices moving in your brain. It is more about spreading inspiration and less about valuable information. Unlike content writing, this type of writing is not bound by any rules that govern different styles.

Content writing is a highly demanded writing style that is mainly characterized by objectives and information. This type of writing is mainly done on online platforms these days. This type of writing includes social media content, valuable website content writing , press releases, blogs etc.

Also, content can be produced by people on personal blogs or websites. This is more often governed by SEO guidelines, writing rules, and the requirements of the business/client.

2- Purpose:

This is a key point of difference between both types of writing.

Creative writing is most probably done with the purpose of entertaining, expressing, and engaging. At times, writers may likewise do it with no purpose and only as general interests.

Content writing is mainly done with some objective in mind. It can include PR, sales, marketing, distributed information, or various business-oriented purposes.

The main role of content writers is to produce a catchy copy that helps escalates brand awareness, drive more traffic, boost sales and revenue.

3- Tone:

Creative writing has different tones relying on the writer’s mood as well as the type of written piece. The writer is free to pick a tone that matches their work. It can be hopeful, emotional, joyful, fearful, hurtful, dejected, and lots more. The writer isn’t bound to a tone that is considered “suitable.”

Content writers, whether they are freelancers or working professionals, have to keep a specific niche-relevant brand tone in their minds. Options are not unlimited. Content writing copies most probably have serious, informative, objective and optimistic tones.

Nowadays, professional content writer skills include adding a slight creative touch to their brand tone, but the level is confirmed by the client.

4- Style:

Creative writers possess a fantastical and imaginative style that may come from the true story or fantasy.

On the other hand, content writers have an articulate, methodical, informative and factual style of writing.

5- Freedom of Creativeness:

When it comes to creative freedom, there is a huge difference between creative writing and content writing

Creative writers use artistic freedom in the best possible manner in comparison to content writers. They can opt for the purpose, length, form, style, and tone of their written copy. Also, they get the great creative freedom to use imagination and implement figurative expressions as they need.

Content writers can be very creative but need to follow SEO guidelines while writing content. The fact behind this is it is crucial to make the content more visible and easily readable to the targeted audience.

That’s one of the reasons why your business need a content writer who can produce rich and engaging content.

Which is the Ideal Choice?

The answer totally relies on what you want to compose. Do you want to write for your personal interest? Do you just want to entertain the audience? If yes, then creative writing is the right way to go.

However, if you want to write appealing SEO-friendly content for branding, if you are looking to share your viewpoints, inform people, and assist businesses to reach their consumers, content writing is the ultimate choice.

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