Document Translation Facts: How Does Document Translation Improve Your Business Reach?

The surprising Document Translation Facts are not just limited to building new relationships, spreading knowledge and sharing information with niche-relevant industries. It also includes promoting good understanding and ensures proper communication among individuals who don’t speak the same language.

From legal to medical documents, every industry has different documents to process further. As more and more companies today are dealing with international clients, the demand for document translation to ease communication is also increasing.

However, individuals who don’t belong to the language service sector are unaware of the document translation and its significance. It’s not just translating the word from the source language to the target language yet there are certain things that professional native language translators take care of while translating.

But how does it help boost your business reach? This blog will be going to introduce your true document translation facts that may surprise you, for sure.

How Does Document Translation Improve Your Business Reach?

Document translation is a great advantage in any industry, as it helps people feel comfortable connecting with your brand.

Let’s have a look at some digital marketing facts that you can’t ignore:

1- Document Translation Allows Access to Global Village

According to the stats:

70% of online buyers buy anything from foreign sites.

55% of consumers prefer buying from places where information is in their own language.

There can be many facts like these that state why you need accurate foreign document translation to appeal to your target audiences.

If you want to introduce your products/services in various parts of the world or if you want to get recognized as a trusted partner in a huge traditional commercial culture, document translation will help attract more popularity that can be gained except by the various marketing campaigns.

2- Document Translation Help Spread Awareness About Culture & Useful Information

As per Ethnologue, there are around 7,151 languages in the world today.

The number keeps increasing as an everyday new language in the entire world emerge. You can explore the internet to know about those languages. With this, the essential need of business document translation also increases as audiences that can be your customers or future clients need the information available in their native language.

You know that the various media we ingest, no matter it’s film, literature or television, are all available in the English language. As much of it is not actually in other languages, this made many people realize that most of them will have to limit themselves to their own culture.

No, we’re not saying that sticking to one culture is a bad idea, but getting to know other cultures gives your better experiences.

Often, document translation becomes crucial when it comes to the dissemination of knowledge. Because of it, now anyone can read news in their specific languages to know what’s happening around the globe. This is true that earlier translation of documents was not required, but now the scenario has completely changed. Because of high quality translations for corporation, we may get the awareness of the past, work on our present as well as make the future better.

If anyone ignores the importance of document translation, tell them that even the Bible is translated into over 600 languages, which makes it the most selling book globally.

3- Document Translation Ensures Better Global Economy

As businesses are going global, they likewise need to stay local. As per the research, the one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for every international business, customers choose personalized products or services that give them the experience of being local.

Today’s global economy is fueled by document translation.

Still not believe?

Foreign trade can only be accomplished through many connections which are created on both a cultural and linguistic level.

66% of non-native English speakers prefer to read and retain content in their native tongue, even if they are fluent in English.

The significance of high grade corporate document translation is far from simply changing texts from a source language to a target language. As already you, they promote extensive knowledge sharing, ensure mutual understanding, and make information globally accessible.

4- Document Translation is Crucial As Not All People Speak English

Before we go ahead, here are some pointers which we want you to look at:

If you publish translated documents to your website in various languages for your existing and new readers, they will help you reach 80% of the sales or revenue.

Fortune 500 companies have witnessed 2.04 times more improvement in their profits and generated 1.27 times more earnings per share when they put resources in document translation.

The translation service market size has increased by 40% amid COVID-19.

The demand for translation of documents in healthcare grew by 49% in the year 2020 because of the requirement to dispense COVID-19 healthcare information.

Surely, English is the language that is most commonly used. However, that doesn’t mean that you should ignore all the people who don’t even speak English.

If your company is dealing with Arabic speakers, you need to understand the important role of Arabic translation of all your necessary documents. From contracts to legal documents, from the blueprint of the action plan to every other document, everything should be in the Arabic language.

As other languages are becoming highly essential because developed countries are making their place in the world economy, you need to invest in this type of translation to bridge the gap in communication by ensuring that the global audience can understand the information written in the document in their language.

Industries Where Document Translation Is Important To Improve Business Reach

While many industries get an advantage from document translation, few specifically require this solution to make their products or services more popular amongst clients.

Listed below are some of them that need effective document translation to improve business reach.

1. Medicine

Medicine is an industry where translation can give you a massive help. Different pharmaceutical providers have grown their business internationally and are hence in major requirement of translation solutions. Accuracy is very significant here as this can assist healthcare companies to deliver correct information.

For example, companies may need medical records, doctor manuals, leaflets, patient records, instructions, and prescription information, medical reports to be converted into the language of the country that they wish for, but without accuracy, the information can be of no use. Furthermore, now that you know why is medical translation important for growth, you should consider professionals only.

Adding to that, it can be very complicated as accurate health data is not only harmful to the company’s image but can also have a great effect on patient’s health. Thus it is very essential in this industry to select a professional and well-researched vendor to do the task.

2. Travel & Tourism

Travel and tourism have observed a good rise in their revenue generation with the assistance of translations. They permit to offer solutions in various languages. Translation has allowed them to convey information in multiple languages. Here, entrepreneurs who are running any travel & Tourism Company should understand why businesses need translation for travel industry.

Businesses operating in this industry translate their travel leaflets, documents, terms and conditions documents, and brochures into various languages to provide fabulous solutions to their global customers.

3. Information & technology

With the emergence of technology, this industry is obviously also growing globally. In fact, there is a great demand for document translation, from companies in this industry on a regular basis. With many projects handled globally on a daily basis, there is a never-ending requirement of IT companies which need technical documents translated into multiple languages according to the client’s needs.

In such an industry besides having knowledge about the language, it is vital the prominent commercial translation solutions provider or translators is also aware of the technical jargon linked with the documents and has the correct level of technical translation expertise.

4. Legal Translations

The legal industry also gets an advantage from translation. If you are working with an international client and need to know the proposal or any other legal detail in your local language, you can take the assistance of translation. They will assist you with the most accurate translation. This will further assist you in knowing everything pertaining to legal matters.

When you select document translation provided by various companies, you can select the best one according to your business plan as well as trade needs.

Therefore, go ahead and mark your presence in the global business world with professional document translation. And also, for people working in the legal industry, make sure you know the actual importance of legal document translation.


Document translation is the most effective way to make your shared information get understood by the clients or customers effortlessly. Today many small and well-established companies are hiring the right document translation company to ensure that they get the value-added translation in the target language. This step is a must to take by your if you want to make a credible image for your brand in the new marketplace.

We have the knowledge as well as expertise to offer you the best document translation possible. Call us at +91-8527599523 or request an instant quote to get a quick response.


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