eCommerce Translation Best Practices: Everything You Must Know

Are you planning to introduce a new eCommerce website in the preferred language of your target market? If so then you will definitely need eCommerce translation solutions to give your customers the personal shopping experience they always wanted.

If you want to expand your website into a new market or country, you need to take the foremost step which is translating your eCommerce documents or website. Around 75% of customers prefer buying from a brand that communicates in their native language. And for over half of customers, language is important even from the price. Translating your eCommerce materials from a reputed translation company can be the wisest decision you could ever make to increase your sales and improve engagement. But where to begin from?

In this blog, we have merged some best eCommerce translation practices you need to consider.

Know the Best Practices of Ecommerce Translation

1. Translating Content Is Not Just Replacing words

This is very essential to consider, mainly for businesses that are eager to use machine translation. The copy is just one aspect to keep in mind when modifying your material for other cultures. For instance, one company wants to translate its brochure for a financial service client. It featured many eye-catching photos from the world’s leading financial platforms.

A professional human translator will search about the image and may put out some points related to it. On the other hand, if the translation is done by a machine, it will translate only the words without knowing the intention or meaning of it. This can increase a huge risk of misunderstanding between two parties.

2. Work With Specialized Translators

For the major portions of your eCommerce website- landing pages, branding copy, marketing assets, considering translators is important. Your offerings are specialized and need someone who can accurately convey the correct information about your products and services. A subject matter expert knows the right way to efficiently translate a document, no matter what type of language you want to translate in.

Professionals with good marketing experts can assist you with the creative adaptation you require to do on the site for marketing.

3. Increment in Questions from Prospects

If your analytics tools show more traffic from a specific market, it is worth finding out whether you need a translation. The same goes for an increasing number of questions from global customers. Analyze the keywords that are bringing you those visitors. Ask your team about the most FAQs coming from global customers. After going through everything, you may decide to translate all the content or just some parts of it, to answer your audience, most asked questions.

After all, affordable human translation of documents into multiple languages or creating translated FAQs may bring a quick ROI. When your potential customers see the information in their mother tongue they tend to invest in your brand every time they need your products and services.

4. Bring Personalization in Customer Support

You should offer good customer support in your customer’s mother tongue whether you deliver it through phone, live chat, emails, or all of the above. A trusted translation company with a good amount of experience in your target market can assist you to make sure that your customer feels valued. Basically, a translation company will provide a translator who can help you in providing customer support to reduce errors and increase the availability of multilingual help.

5. Language

Naturally, the language translation process is an important aspect of eCommerce translation. Customers are more probably to purchase from your brand when they can access the content in their own language. First, you will require to analyze which language is appropriate to target a certain set of audiences or markets.

For instance, some survey shows that the Indian population prefers reading content mostly in Hindi. Hindi language queries on popular search engines have increased immensely in the last few years. Moreover, similar preferences of the audience have been identified in other parts of the world. Therefore, there is the significant importance of top-quality translation for business.


The effectiveness of your eCommerce material is very important to your company’s success in a new marketplace. When choosing a translation company, keep the above-mentioned practices in mind to make sure the intentions of your business are not missed during the translation. Here, a reputed translation company like Tridindia is needed to provide you with error-free translation and establish a trustworthy reputation in a new market.

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