Top 10 Amazing Facts About Arabs And Arabic

So, you have been trying to translate your documents into Arabic language. But before that, there are some amazing facts about Arabic and Arabs, which might gain your interest pretty well. So, let’s just dive right into it.

Arabic is a fascinating piece of language, whose history goes centuries back. It is a popular form of language, with 300 million+ native speakers.

They are primarily from Northern Africa and Middle East. It even forms to be the official language of around 22 countries, known to form Arab league. It also ranked 5th of common language, on a global scale.

This is not just the end, there are a few more facts that you must know before attempting complete English To Arabic translation.

Historical Facts About Arabic Language

Known as Semitic language, Arabic is mostly related to Aramaic and Hebrew. It first came into existence in Iron Age, around 1300-300 BC.

The term came straight from Arab which is the residing place of Mesopotamian people, Sinai Peninsula and Anti-Lebanon Mountains.

The formal version of this language is known as Classical Arabic and it originated in 6th century. Qu’ran is written in this language. It comprises of grammatical and syntactical base for Arabic.

As per one of the many unique language facts, Modern Standard Arabic is another form of Classical Arabic, which is easier to get a grip on. It is an Arabic spoken variant across Africa and Middle East.

Top 10 Amazing Facts

The language and its history is enough to draw you towards Arabs and Arabic.

However, it is important that you head for the top 10 amazing facts, which will make you fall in love with this place even more.

1. For The Business Owners:

Before heading for a business, the owners often like to meet once before even talking about it.

Arabian business owners are often very careful before entering into the world of business relationships with some new people. Even if you are establishing your business in Arab countries, fluently speaking your customers language like Arab is very important.

They always prefer sitting down to meet and learn more about the person before working on business matters. They will always move forward with business after establishing trust.

2. Different Body Language:

Arabs are known to prefer shaking hands for a longer period of time, but gently than most of the people from multiple cultures.

They are often known to greet people of same sex, like colleagues and friends very closely, mainly with a hug and a proper kiss on their cheeks. IT is a perfect and most common gesture of meeting someone.

3. Arabs And Their Honours:

In Arab culture, it is very important to treat people with honour and respect. You are not allowed to mock or even treat others with disdain as that might deeply offend the person in question. It is generally true when it is about older people.

Even translation companies using essential multilingual website practices take care of the language guidelines from end to end.

4. Family Bond Is Strong:

Arabs do have a special focus on the family unit and its bond.

The patriarch or the head of the family is the primary person in question and will always have the last say in making any decision or if in a debate.

5. Dress Quite Differently:

What you don’t know about Arabs that in different countries, they have separate dress codes.

Some would wear robes and others are more into casual wear or business suits. Fashion is an ever-evolving procedure in most of the Arab countries.

16. A Diverse Culture Overall:

If you ever greet the term Arab, you are practically dealing with multiple countries. Each one has its shared language, history and culture.

Arabs happen to introduce diversified people like Jews, Muslims and even Christians.

They even dress differently, eat multiple foods and follow various traditions.

According to major translation tips, you must you must consider culture while localizing your information into Arabic.

7.  A Perfect Group Of Foodies:

Arabs are greatly in love with their food, making them the foodies for centuries. They are one of those nations, which have celebrations surrounding food.

How cool is that! Most of the famous Arabian cuisines have been associated with the Western culture, like Bakhlawa, Shawarma and more.

8. Young Demographic To Consider:

Around 32% of the Arabians are within the age groups of 15 to 29 years. Now, that is quite high than Western countries, giving rise to younger demographic.

Younger Arabians don’t just speak or read Arabic, but they also prefer to watch videos in this lingo. Companies are investing in excellent arabic subtitling to deliver a superior viewing experience to the youngsters.

9. Enjoy Celebrating Larger Festivals:

No matter whatever kind of celebration it is, Arabians know how to celebrate it in larger than life style.

Want to enjoy the real meaning of a grand wedding? Well, be prepared to visit anyone of Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Kuwait or any of the Arabian countries. The celebrations are not just massive but take place for days!

10. Diversified Political Environment:

Arab comprises of multiple political systems. The countries forming the parliamentary republic are Syria, Egypt, Algeria and even Lebanon.

For the traditional monarchies, you have Qatar, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. The constitutional monarchies are Morocco and Jordan.

In Conclusion

These are the top 10 facts, which you might want to get a hold of while dealing with Arabs and Arabic language. This language has not become an inspiration for language learners, but even businesses are giving Arabic a hugely important to expand seamlessly in Arabic-speaking countries.

You will be amazed to find such a diversified culture, and get to know more once you will start researching about the place.

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