What Things To Know About Chinese Language [Sometimes Surprising]

We people are already very much aware with the Chinese Language. But the thing is how much do you actually know about this language?

Do you distinguish, for instance, how many people can speak Chinese language? What the association between China and the US always, or how many Chinese typescripts you require to learn?

Is there any simple process to quickly learning foreign language like Chinese language?

If you are really unable to understand, then continue reading to seek out the answer. However, if you by now contemplate you know, check whether your details are correct or not.

The Chinese Language

Chinese is the utmost articulated language all over the world with more than 955 million native speakers globally. That means over 13 percent of the world’s inhabitants speaks Chinese! This is over and above any other language which makes it the popular most spoken future language.

Connection Between China and USA

However it’s not only the language that is actually rising, China’s economy status is also increasing speedily too. China is now the second largest economy in the world. It is also the second biggest business partner of USA.

The US-China trade association only supports around 2.6 million jobs in the United States.

Affiliation with The UN

Even, you should know that Chinese is also one of the six official languages in the UN — the other five languages are Arabic, Spanish, Russian, French, and English.

So, Chinese is also the authorized language of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. Today people say that the Chinese language can provide a plenty of opportunities for your future profession with the help of effective Chinese translation.

How Ancient?

The Chinese language is in fact one of the eldest languages in the world. The writing method was foremost setup nearly 4,000 years ago and presently above 40,000 different characters.

Thus, how can an individual remember that various characters? Should you provide learning Chinese beforehand you even begin? No need to get upset at all! You do not need to remember all 40,000 characters. You just have to learn 2,500 Chinese characters to be able to deliver 97.97 percent of Chinese!

This shows if you just begin with only five words on a regular basis, you must have ability to read in Chinese just as a native language in approximately 500 days. All of a sudden studying the Chinese language doesn’t look too frightening, correct?

Chinese Alphabet – Hit and Blow Order

According to one of the well known Chinese translation companies the Chinese languages don’t include any “alphabet.” All the characters are exceptional in their individual way… created through an amalgamation of several strokes.

You must know the right stroke order to write it in the accurate way. Given below is the stroke order of the character 山 – shān – “Mountain” (it kinda looks as a mountain, doesn’t it?).

If you have explored Chinese earlier, you perhaps know about this. But did your Chinese instructor speak you the hush-hush tip on finding the right stroke order?

Learning Chinese Characters

I’ve previously said you that you only just have to learn 2,500 characters in order to outshine in the Chinese language. But exactly how to make the learning procedure smoother? The response is by learning Chinese fanatics.

Did you know?

The complexities involved in the Chinese language made the several companies to look for a cost effective Chinese translation help.

Each character is created of numerous fanatics. There are various Chinese characters that share the similar radicals. Though, they do not only share unsystematically. Each radical has really own significance and determination within a Chinese character.

Some radicals signify the meaning of the term while others signify the sound. You can see it in the instance mentioned above.

Chinese Pinyin – The Beginnings

The Chinese language doesn’t include any alphabet but, fortunately for outsiders, they formed the “pinyin” method in the 1950s. Prior to that, the Chinese language utilized “zhuyin” (Bopomofo – ㄅㄆㄇㄈ) which is just used as an official alphabet process in Taiwan?

Pinyin is the official romanization of Chinese and initially circulated by the Chinese government in 1958. Pinyin creates the Chinese language more English responsive. This method makes Chinese learning very much easier than earlier.

You will understand the influence of Chinese Pinyin better during appropriate English To Chinese translation.

What is Pinyin?

Pinyin is essentially the phonetic procedure of the Chinese language and involves four different qualities. Many Chinese characters share equal sounds and even words that het sound the similar way, if they have all dissimilar features and that will have considerably diverse meanings.

For instance, “四 – sì” (fourth tone) means number 4 and “死 – sǐ” (third tone) means decease or death. This is the purpose that Chinese people respect number 4 as tragic number.

One exciting point is that you won’t discover the fourth floor in manys hospitals and hotels in China because it’s bad luck! Some very illogical creations that will really throw away all floors with a 4 in them (E.g. 14, 24, 34…)!

Chinese Tongue Twister

Due to of this, the Chinese language has some of the most tough tongue twisters (绕口令 rào kǒu lìng) in the world. Below are is a popular Chinese tongue twister instance.

Chinese Pinyin Meaning
鸟岛是岛, niáo dǎo shì dǎo, Bird Island is an island;
niáo dǎo yóu niǎo. Bird Island has birds.
鸟岛的鸟多得数不清了。 niáo dǎo de niǎo duō de shǔ bù qīng le. The birds on Bird Island are countless.
要想到鸟岛, yào xiǎng dào niáo dǎo, If you wish to go to Bird Island,
一定要爱鸟。 yī dìng yào ài niǎo. you must love birds.
你不爱小鸟 nǐ bú ài xiáo niǎo If you don’t love small birds,
就别到鸟岛。 jiù bié dào niáo dǎo. don’t go to Bird Island

It is nothing so hard if you read it bit by bit. But once you just begin reading faster, your tongue becomes twisted and that’s when the enjoyment starts! Challenge somebody who can read it faster among your friends and this is really a great fun listening to one’s other’s tongue twisters!


The Chinese Translation Company in Noida believes that Chinese is an extensively articulated language and you can get many opportunities for career development all over world if you can say it. So, though Chinese may look difficult at first look, it can be learned very quickly than most people consider (if you use the right studying methods, of course!)

Are you yet not persuaded about learning Chinese? Continue, you must go for try firstly. The entire above facts that are given just a minor portion about the Chinese language.

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