10 Best Translation Tips to Help Your Business Reach More Customers Online

If reaching global customers online is your aim, you need to communicate with them on their terms. English alone could not cut the communication gap, you need to think beyond your comfort zone. You’ll find much research showing a majority of online customers buy from a website that speaks in their language. Therefore, knowing the best translation tips is important to help your business reach more customers online.

Businesses produce content to make people aware of their offerings and convince them to turn into customers. But if the language is not understandable by the people then how would they know what the company is providing and then invest their money in it.

Here comes the essential need for translation. Contrary to what many may believe, translated content is not something that could be easily done by a machine.

Instead, it means to prepare the content carefully in an appropriate way while maintaining the culture and language nuances of the audience. To avoid reputation-damaging consequences, there are some tips you should keep in mind when doing top-notch website translation.

Let’s take a look at 10 translation tips to help your business reach more users online.

Top 10 Best Translation Tips to Help your Business Reach

1. Keep Sentences Short & Crisp

For more comprehension, try to keep the sentences up to 20 words or less. This way you can increase the flow of readability. You should keep the sentences short and sweet. By keeping sentences short and sweet you can make people understand the message better. Also, they will not have to invest much time in reading your content and can consume information within no time.

2. Ensure There Is No Error

Always aim to maintain high quality in every translated document. An inaccurately translated material can confuse your customers, whether to buy from you or not. Not only that, they will leave a negative impact on them, decreasing the possibility of them buying from you. Therefore, there is an essential need for translation done by professionals.

An improper translation can seem like very unprofessional, and can also be offensive for many. You don’t want your translation to be a disaster. A good translation can convey the intended information to your audience by keeping the text culturally relevant. It will sound more native to your audience who speak the language of your provided content and this shows you give value to your customers.

3. Strategize Your Multilingual Navigation

An essential but mostly overlooked aspect of striking business translation is helping people find your website without any hassle. By translating your website you can make your business information available on the internet for a specific location or audience more quickly.

Giving your customers an authentic online experience is the best and major reason to translate your website, and can increase your traffic as well.

4. Know How to Reach your Audience

Companies approach an audience through traditional and online advertising. Every medium is different and your knowledge about your target audience will help you identify which medium will be more beneficial. By understanding your audience, you will know which language to choose for translating your business content.

You should know about your target audience so that you can understand what their needs are and what challenges the translators will face while translating the type of content you want. Also, you should be specific when choosing the audience you want to target.

5. Use One Term To Convey a Single Concept

Synonyms can restrict you from bringing clarity. Try writing the same way, the same thing every time. Conveying a single concept in different ways will not only affect the overall consistency of explicit translation for document but will also reduce the effectiveness of the content. Using different terms for a single concept can lead to increased cost, decreased quality, and increased TAT. Always prefer re-using existing content that has been translated. Avoid writing it from scratch if you don’t have to.

6. Consider Global & Local Site Content

Check what type of content your target audience is searching, and preferring to read. Also, remember that the content which is effective in one region would not be in the other one. Modify the website and workflows to showcase your translated content professionally. Go for multilingual search. Don’t think that just translating your website will bring enough traffic to you for increasing your reach. You should choose affordable document translation near me.

7. Ensure It Fits The Sentence

You might know that texts written in English are mostly shorter than texts in other languages. This means that sufficient space is required to expand. This is specifically important for graphics as well as interfaces. You can observe differences even in the word length. So, when translating English language content to another language make sure it fits the sentence well.

8. Know What your priorities are

Your main focus should be on overcoming the language barrier. The more languages you will translate your content in, the more you will be able to reach a new audience. Therefore, you should put focus on building proven content marketing strategy. The target language you select should be according to the market you want to expand in and the audience you want to attract.

A powerful business translation strategy involves the translated words that will have the most impact on your potential customers. The first thing you need to do is gain a complete knowledge of the things you want and have a good idea of how to do it.

9. Make Your Website Appropriate For Multiple Platforms

The first impression you build in your customers is through the website. Customers can view your website from different sources. Therefore, to broaden your reach you need to make your website appropriate for multiple platforms. Ensure that your website is functioning properly on different platforms and giving a satisfactory user experience. This way prominent translation improve website reach.

10. Hire a Trustworthy Translation Service Provider

Working with a translation company will give you enough convenience to reduce your workload for the translation project. All the crucial work will be handled by the professional translators who will translate your message while maintaining the original context and tone.

There are different ways to increase your business reach online. All you need is vital translation tips to get more traffic and revenues to your business.

In a Nutshell:

Translation can help you in various ways, from expanding your customer base to spreading business internationally. But to ensure you convey the correct message, you need to hire professionals. Tridindia is a reputed translation company that provides accurate translations to various clients in different parts of the world, using a team of native expert translators.

To hire our solutions, call us at +91-8527599523 or send us a instant quote.


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