5 Interesting Facts About Indian Languages For Global Entrepreneurs

Industries are still unknown to the basic facts about languages in India.

The global entrepreneurs have effectively used diversified Indian languages for business outgrowth. This can be truly verified by seeing the rapid economic growth our country has observed since Independence.

To cherish the moment let’s have a glance on the 6 basic facts the Industries ought to know-

1- Moving Beyond the English Usage

Central government is making use of two main languages that is English and Hindi. But that does not mean to remain satisfied by initiating English Translation only.

Fact denotes only 12 percent of the Indian population are English speakers.

Rest of the people makes use of other regional languages Using various languages has even enlarged career prospects in the education system..

Hence it denotes that any of the business organization should make use of all the regional languages. This way you can also target the audience that is not making use of English and thus enhance the business value.

Hindi- Mother Tongue of India

Hindi is the most commonly used language. There are 551 million native speakers of this language. This language is ranked 4th on the grounds of speaking.

Even you translate the content into Hindi you can only outreach 53 percent of the total population.

2- Diversified Indian Languages

According to the 2001 Indian census India owns 122 major languages and 1599 other language in total.

The country is wide and diverse in terms of language and culture of the people.

Scheduled Languages-

The various languages are used in different states or regions. As central government has evolved itself using two major languages that is Hindi and English. They also choose cost effective English to Hindi document translation or vice versa to make their information easily understandable for the native people.

Different states also carry the power to select its own language accordingly.

3- The Indian Constitution

The constitution of India has defined 22 languages as Scheduled languages. The state and local governments are making efficient use of this language.

It becomes the major responsibility of the Indian government to protect and enhance the language development process.

22 Scheduled languages-

Assamese, Dodo, Guajarati, Bengali, Konkani, Kashmiri, Kannada, Hindi, Urdu, Telugu, Tamil, Sindhi, Santali, Sanskrit, Punjabi, Odia, Nepali, Marathi, Manipuri, Malayalam, Maithili

The four most interesting language facts about the Hindi that will surely increase your business value are-

a). Out of all the languages 29 languages is outspoken by more than 1 million speakers.

b). This includes schedule languages, minus Sanskrit, Bhili, Ho, Mundari, Khasi, Tulu, Kurukh Khandesi, and Gondi.

c). One of the Top 10 Indian languages is used by 89% of the population.

d). Hindi has 422 million speakers reaching 41.1 % of the total population.

4- The Popularity Of Local Language Speakers

Research proves about 150 million of Internet users in India speaks local languages. This number is also increasing rapidly. Indian government’s initiative like Digital India is even putting efforts to maximize use of local languages on various Internet platforms.

Companies are witnessing major need of content writers to ensure the created content is authentic and available in the local language that will have a large number of buyers.

If the language is beyond the understanding of the local people you will obviously have zero or minimized customers.

5- India’s Fast Growing Economic Growth

This factor clearly proves how Indian languages will be fruitful for the growth of business levels. A research done by British council reveals following facts and predictions of the upcoming year 2050-

Among the topmost growing economies following languages will be on top rankings by 2050-

Chinese and Hindi language will equalize & have 1.3 billion speakers.
Bengali will be the 3rd most used language by 750 million speakers.
460 million populations will make use of Urdu language.
Indonesian language will outreach 320 million speakers.

The above results even prove how Indian languages use has outgrown tremendously. Out of the top five languages by 2050, three languages belong to India. The language diversity which India carries makes the translation job highly.

Challenging, But your business should reach a global value and exposure for business else you will be missing highest opportunities in upcoming years.

An efficient trustworthy translation company in Delhi strategize itself and set the translation goals accordingly that includes navigating language and dialects, setting priorities and localizing the content.

Any of the international translation team can give their voice of translations in any of the global languages and translate the content accordingly.

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