Why is French the Language of Future?

What language will be dominating the world in the future?

How you will respond to this question, I know.

Most of you will say ‘English.’

As the craze for learning English is increasing across the world, undoubtedly no other language seems to be challenging it anywhere.

English is the second most spoken languages in the world. Mandarin holds the first place.

Though English holds the second place after Mandarin in the world, everyone across the globe wants to speak perfect English so, undoubtedly, this rules the communication world.

I was thinking the same until I researched this topic.

My research was full of surprises, and it made me realize my belief about English was more a delusion than a reality.

“Which language can shake the strong roots of English?” You want to ask this question with full of surprise.

That language is French. So, is the popular most spoken future language?


You heard it right. French is the one that is also highly in demand besides English.

Is the French third most spoken language worldwide?

To your surprise, this is not. This holds the tenth position globally when it comes to the list of most speaking languages in the world.

Then how French can be the language of the future?

Though English has become a global means of communication between people from different nations, this stands behind when it comes to being the official language of different countries and organizations.

French is the official language of nations like Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Morocco, Benin, Faso, Burkina, Burundi, and Mali.

The European Union allows business in three languages English, French, and German.

The official language of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) is English and French.

In the same ways, many organizations have French as their language of communication. While some are investing in high value French translation for documents and websites to connect with French speakers.

Paris is one of the most beautiful and exotic cities around the world, where people from across the world reach to explore its vividness. One more thing, Paris is recognized as one of the most important fashion cities in the world that fashionable people follow.

You will be amazed to know, but according to some language facts, French is one of the top 10 languages used on the internet.

What is more, in most of the countries across the world, French is taught in schools and colleges, and students show their interest in learning this language.

Though Mandarin is the most speaking language in the world, it does not have that fortune.

To get the advantage of the globalization and take their business across the world, Mandarin speakers are learning English and French. Even Mandarin-speaking companies are adapting their content in the French language through premium french translation for businesses.

The same is the condition in world’s second most populous country India.

Indians are also putting their best efforts to learn English, French, and Spanish so that they can take advantage of the globalization and have a flourishing career.

By now, you must have apprehended why I have said this to be the language of the future. If you have something to add, does not matter you agree with me or disagree, do not hesitate to add to the comment section, as your comments will help everybody increase their knowledge about the subject.

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