Facts About Punjabi Translation: What Makes Punjabi Translation A Leading Choice Among The Masses?

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There are so many interesting languages in India to look after, especially if you are trying to grow your business around here. India is known for its cheapest manual labour and higher production growth. So, the best way to expand your business is by placing your ground in this rich country first. Among so many languages which you better try out for establishing a strong business hold, Punjabi is the one for you to note down for good. It is the part of the Indo Aryan group of languages and is known to have been spoken by 100 million speakers around the world.

Growth Of Punjab is Everywhere

You will be amazed to see the number of Punjab is covering the whole of USA and UK. They are operating successful businesses in foreign lands, mostly covering the taxi and grocery departments. They further opened up some restaurants in foreign lands, known to serve authentic Indian dishes.

So, it is true to state that not just for expanding your business in India, but to expand your business in foreign lands too, you need to head for Punjabi Translation anytime. As the number of Punjab is growing at a fast pace all around the world, so translating your business documents into this language will help in the growth of your business too.

Facts About The Language

Punjabi is known to be the most common form of native language in Pakistan too, and it is also stated to be the 11th most spoken language in India. It is also considered to be the 3rd most spoken language in the current Indian subcontinent.

Punjabi is stated as the 5th most spoken native language and it holds its position after English, Mandarin, French and Cantonese in Canada.

Not only that, but you can further feel the importance of this language covering a large part of UAE, USA, UK, Australia, Italy, New Zealand and even in Netherlands.

Punjab in India is stated to be one of the most relatively few regions in world, which comprises of a situation of digraphia. It means, this language can be used in both Gurmukhi and Shahmukhi scripts.

Important Facts Revolving Around Punjabi Language

There are seven most important facts for you to know when it comes to Punjabi language. Once you are sure of the facts, you will further come to learn more about the importance of Punjabi Translation and why people are more into it. It is vital to learn more about the facts as you want a better grip over this Indian language, before finally translating your official documents in it.

☞ Known As Connecting Language

The name of this language comes from Punjab state in India and it is the official language for communicating over there. You can see promotions, banners, literature books, movies and even product information well associated with this language. Some of the companies might even opt for this language translation for selling brands and for making a global felt among customers. In UK, Punjab is the 4th most spoken language and 3rd in Canada.

☞ Areas Where It Is Mostly Spoken

Research indicates that Punjab is the place where Punjabi language is widely spoken by thousands of natives. Even majority of Pakistan people speak in this language too! Even though it might not be the official language as per the status, but still this language is taught in so many schools in India and Pakistan. Beside India, this language is thoroughly spoken in some of the other countries like UK, USA and Canada.

☞ Ways It Came Into Existence

Research shows that Punjabi was derived from the Sanskrit. Even though Sanskrit gave birth to so many Indian lingoes, the popular one among the lot has to be Hindi, which is also the national language in India. The current Punjabi language was first emerged as Apabhramsha and it became stable in 10th century.

☞ Has More Than A Script

You need to be aware of the fact that there are handful of languages globally, which can be translated into not just one but more scripts. Well, Punjabi is one such language. It is known to hold two scripts by the name of Shahmukhi and Gurmukhi, making it one of the rarest languages in this world.

These points will help you to understand the value and importance of this language and why you need it in your business. Once you are sure of the scripts and the industrial areas where this language is use, you can head start with your work now.

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