What Are The Unknown Interesting Facts About Kannada Translation?

A part of the Dravidian language, Kannada is spoken quite well by the Kannada people, residing in the Karnataka state in India. It is also known to be a part of the linguistic minorities in the present states of Telangana, TN, Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Maharashtra and abroad areas. So, if you are actually trying to grow your business in these parts of the world, then focusing towards this language can definitely help you a lot. Roughly speaking, this language is known to have a speaker base of 38 million native ones who are primarily known as Kannadigas.

Even this language is spoken as the second or third language by some of the non-speakers residing in Karnataka. So, you can opt for Kannada Translation. If you add that amount together, then the numbers of the language speakers can rise up to 50.8 million. It is also termed to be one of the most scheduled languages in all over India and also the administrative and official language in Karnataka state.

Focusing On The Script

This language is widely written in the Kannada script which was known to have evolved from the 5th century Kadamba script.

It is also attested epigraphically for around 1 and half millennia and it is also the old Kannada literary language, which flourished in 6thcentury of the Ganga dynasty.

It was also a part of the Rashtrakuta Dynasty of the 9th century. So, if you check out more about the language, you will come across an unbroken history of its literary of more than 1000 years.

Recommendations Made By Linguistic Experts

Depending on the recommendations as made by the Committee of the Linguistic Experts, the Indian government has decided to designate Kannada as classical language of the Indian community. It is also considered to be one of the oldest living languages over here.

It was in July 2011, when a centre was established for the study of this language as part of the current central institution of the Indian languages as located in Mysore. The main aim of this centre is to facilitate research as relating to this old living language in India.

Unknown Facts About This Language To Know Now

The glory of this language probably dates back to thousands of centuries already and even though it is widely appreciated in Karnataka, but the glory of this language is truly widespread. It has spread not only across India but around the world these days. There are some interesting and promising facts about this language, which were quite unknown to you. Learning about those facts will help you to create strong bond with this Indian language for good and for Kannada Translation.

Among so many old languages in India, Kannada is considered to be one of the oldest ones among the lot.

Few studies have further indicated that this language is as old as 2000 years, if not more at this present moment.

Kannada houses the title to be the only Indian language for which a foreigner under the name of Ferdinand Kittle wrote a promising and much useful dictionary.

You will be amazed to know when Amogavarsha wrote the Kannada literature Kavirajamarga, Hindi language was not even born. Not only that, but English was also starting to establish its growth during that time.

If you check this language scientifically and logically, Kannada is stated to be 99.99% correct by the linguistic masters.

According to famous linguistic master Shri Vinobha Bhave, Kannada was stated to be the queen of the world scripts. That’s how the beauty and popularity of this language was described during that time.

The one and only Indian author who possessed the title of wining maximum awards for literature was Shri Kuvempu. Well, the funny fact is that he is a proud Kannadiga.

If you calculate the language which got maximum GyanaPeetha awards, then Kannada tops the chart with 8 awards in total. The next one in the list is Hindi with 6 awards, Malayalam holding the third position with 3 awards and at last you have Tamil with 2.

Another interesting fact about Kannada language is that it is one those Indian languages to have been featured in the Wikipedia logo. Well, not many languages can get this opportunity but Kannada did!

An ancient Greek play in 2nd century, Charition mime used Kannada Phrases.

These amazing points will ensure the beauty and richness of this Indian language. Once you are through with the popularity, it won’t be difficult to actually address the beauty of this language and go for the translation now.

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