Top 10 Interesting Facts About the Russian Language

Russian is not like other Romance languages of the west. It is different in both sound and structure. Therefore its important to know all the major facts about the Russian language.

There are many European dialects that are based on Latin, but Russian is unique and has more vowels and consonants, giving it a melody of its own.
If you are eager to know more about this widely-used language, here are some interesting facts that will give you more understanding of the Russian language.
10 Interesting Facts About The Russian Language

1. Russian Is The 6th Most Widely Spoken Native Language In The World

Russian is spoken by around 260 million people all across the world and this number includes 137 million in Russian. The languages are the official language of Belarus, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Tajikistan. Also, it’s a regional language in Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia.

Due to the widespread speakers of the Russian language, the need for premium Russian translation has increased.

2. Russian Is Space Language

It’s important for astronauts to learn the Russian language. It is involved in their training. The reason is that the computer system in the International Space Station uses both English and Russian languages. But what is the need to learn Russian? Astronauts who travel to the space station need to ride the Soyuz spacecraft whose controls are in Russian. Astronauts need to go to Kazakhstan where Soyuz lifts off.

Basically, a Russian citizen gives the command to the spacecraft.

3. It Is The Official Language In 4 Countries

Russian is the official language in 4 different countries, which are Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan. Plus, the language is considered an unofficial lingua franca in Ukraine and various other former Soviet countries. These countries are Uzbekistan, Georgia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova, Turkmenistan, and Tajikistan.

Further, targeting these regions would be very beneficial to spread your business, and for this quality translation is vital.

4. Popular Language Used At The UN

It is one of the official languages of the United Nations. The others are English, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, and French. Through a special request, Arabic was added to the list.

5. Some English Words Are Originated From Russian

There are few English words that are of Russian origin. Some examples are sputnik, cosmonaut, bolshevik, tsar, pogrom, taiga, mammoth, vodka, and ushanka.

6. Russian Has Limited Number Of Words

The English language has 1 million words whereas Russian has 5,00,000 words. Even Russian language has a small number, its speakers are able to express themselves properly. This is because many Russian words have multiple meanings. To keep the communication clear, experts are required who can maintain high translation quality standards.

7. Surnames In Russian Differ By Gender

Every Russian name consists of a first name, a family name, as well as a patronymic name, which basically is the father’s name along with the ending -ovich for a son and -ovna for a daughter.

Therefore, if a father named Ryan has a daughter and a son, his daughter’s patronymic name will be Ryanovna and his son’s will be Ryanovich.

8. 47 U.S. States Have Thousands Of Russian Speakers

People in the US speak multiple languages, it is a multilingual country. This clearly means that it is unavoidable to understand that many U.S. states have some Russian-speaking individuals. Almost 9,00,000people in 47 states in the U.S. communicated in Russian. Cities that have most Russian speakers include Illinois, New York, California, Pennsylvania, Washington, Florida, and New Jersey. With that many speakers, it is important to understand why is Russian translation important.

9. The letter “A” Is Important

The conversion of Old to Modern Russian involved many phonetic changes that made the language simple. For example, the words beginning from a- are prefixed with the sound й-. In most cases, Russian words beginning from the letter a- are considered borrowed from some other language.

10. Multiple Expressions For Shades

Russian has multiple expressions for shades compared to most other languages. It separates the descriptions into dark shades and light shades. Russian eyes are not good at differentiating shades of blue, but their language happens to be more proficient at expressing them. This is a very interesting fact as some languages don’t even differentiate between green and blue.

Russian is considered one of the most difficult languages. Therefore, to communicate with a Russian-speaking audience, a reliable Russian translation expert is needed.


It is important to work only with experienced translators who can provide you with top-notch Russian translation. The language is a nuanced language that needs native-speaking skills to guarantee 100% accuracy.

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