Why is Russian Translation So Important? [Ultimate Facts]

With around 146 million people and an estimated 75% increase in the rate of smartphone users by the year 2025, Russia has a great potential for market expansion. If you haven’t planned to target the Russian market yet, know that Russian translation will be the backbone of this approach.

If you are here, reading this blog, and agree that Russian is an important language for your business growth, you might be thinking of translating your brand details into the language.

No matter what sector you belong to or what you provide, you will get new leads if your brand speaks the Russian language.

To target a widespread market like Russia, translating into Russian is important. Through faultless Russian translation, you will achieve authenticity in an international language while keeping the cultural nuances into account. It has been seen that trust and truthfulness are very important to Russian consumers, therefore if your marketing material is not understandable, it will not do any good for your business.

Importance of Russian Translation in Top 6 Industries

There is no doubt that today almost every industry heavily relies on translation. Listed below are some top industries where Russian translation is very important.

1. Oil & Gas

It is the top-most leading industry exporter. Russia will continue to grow and get more energy deals. Know that business transactions may need multiple translators according to the language combinations like Russian to English, then English to Arabic, and vice versa.

Professional translators or reliable language service providers require experience in the legal sector, and also the capability to localize purchase contracts, and above all, should be fluent in the Oil & gas sector.

Other things in knowledge include financial reporting documents, technicalities, oil well-cementing services, drilling services, and so on.

2. Metal & Mining

After oil and gas, the second biggest sector is the metal & mining industry. Russia is known as the world’s top producer in this specific sector, with a good amount of natural mineral reserves like platinum, diamonds, goals, palladium, coal, gold, and iron core. This showcase about 3-5% of the country’s GDP, with 16% of metal production exported. Here, only a dedicated expert can handle the task.

That’s why there is a major need a Russian translation expert.

3. Gaming & Information Technology

Day by day, Russian is becoming popular in the gaming & IT sector. The language is very beneficial in technical and scientific literature, like engineering, physics, and material science. As per a recent survey, Russia has the 5th largest app market in the world, with around 84 million mobile users.

Gaming apps as well as social networking have increased the revenue and were downloaded by European countries, will around 1.4 billion downloads in the year 2016. This survey has influenced many foreign gaming app publishers to step into the Russian market for expansion.

It is very essential to properly localize apps with a knowledge of real wrong Russian translation signs to expand to other app stores and connect with new target audiences.

4. Literature

Thanks to the existence of literary translation that today a girl in Korea can enter a library and enjoy any kind of book she wants to read from any country. This is all possible because of translation.

Masterpieces and classics can be enjoyed perfectly by people all across the world. But, perhaps it is even more essential that translation assists to preserve the essence of literature. The language has the power to attract a large audience in the future.

5. Journalism

Spreading information today relies heavily on effective Russian document translation. It permits everyone to know what’s happening in various countries in their own native language, thereby staying informed about everything. Otherwise, we would just live in a chamber, unaware of different opinions.

Translation brings you millions of new sources to gain knowledge about different parts of the world. It gives access to an array of worldviews and permits you to learn expert suggestions from cultures other than yours. Further, it also encourages new thinking and listens what others have to say.

6. Media

At the end of the stressful day, everyone loves to watch their favorite TV shows or movies they are interested in. Translation plays a major role here as well. If the series is not dubbed, there always be subtitles.

And what about those blockbuster movies from Korea? Without translation, we might have been unaware of the masterpieces of the Korean film industry release.

With this, we have come to the end. Not only these but there are many more industries that need various types of translation in Russian for growth and international expansion.

Wrapping It Up:

When you plan to translate any of your documents, it is very important to ensure that it is done correctly the first time. Choose well-qualified translators who can make sure that your efforts of going global don’t get wasted. In this case, you can always rely on Tridindia. Our translation solutions will help you communicate with your customers or audiences in the language you want.

We will make sure the real message behind your message remains intact. To have a word with us, call now at +91-8527599523 or send us instant quote today.

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