Things To Consider While Hiring a Localization Partner

Do you know what to consider for when hiring a localization partner? Businesses around the world are thinking of creative ways to reach out to their international audience, and localization is one of the most effective techniques.

Localization is one of the most important aspects you need to consider when expanding your business overseas. If you are venturing into an unfamiliar land, there are certain aspects that you need to consider before hiring an expert.

When you have decided to expand your business or organization in a new country, your team works hard in order to get a feel of the land. You need to have the maximum understanding of the country’s territory, people, language, culture, traditions, legal systems and most important its terminologies. All of these done, you can move forward with hiring a localization partner. In today’s article we will discuss about things to consider while hiring a localization expert.

Qualities Of Localization Partners

Most people don’t understand the importance of localization and therefore underestimate its need and power. It is a very big investment in terms of money, time and need and therefore before you consider hiring an expert you need to consider certain aspects of these experts. Mentioned below are the most important aspects to consider.

1. Mobile Apps Localization-

If you want to succeed in the competitive market today, you need a mobile application for your business. Statistics show that consumers spend more time on their mobile devices than on their personal computers or desktops. Therefore it is understood that without a mobile application that works in multiple environments and is able to meet up to consumer demands, the road to your business’s success will be very hard and rough. Just like other mediums of business, consumers will purchase your product or service when it is available in their local or native language. Historically it has been proved that mobile apps which operate in native or regional languages are more popular than those in other languages.

Therefore before locking down on a particular localization expert, see if the organization provides mobile app localization service as well as Content Localization. There are two things that you should consider here- first, thus the localization expert understand the intricacies and complexity of the language in which localized content is needed, and second, does the team have specific technical knowledge regarding the app environment and its functionalities. These two points are very important when hiring a localization expert because otherwise the result may be sub-standard and not time worthy of the effort invested. Additionally your expert must be able to point out the target audience you desire and understand their culture and complexities. If your service provider can test the localized app in the new environment, that will act as a bonus.

2. Video Localization-

A recent study has identified that consumers are more attracted to videos than to articles or other forms of content. If you have been in the industry for long, you definitely have videos revolving around various aspects of your industry and organization. Although the younger generation of audience doesn’t mind watching videos in a foreign language, it will definitely be an advantage to have localized content. Apart from normal videos, you can also localize video games, as localization increases the sales of such such games in a specific niche. Hence, before hiring a vendor, do understand the Importance of Game Localization. To be very specific, you need to have a partner who understands the intricacies and complexities of the language and culture, thus ensuring that the localization efforts meet the demands of the audience.

Having a localization partner who can create localized content around the expectations and demands of the local audience will help you communicate your message easily and effectively. Therefore while hiring an expert, consider one who can give you a full suite of language services and video localization services suited to a truly global audience.

3. Responsive LSP-

In today’s world localization efforts don’t stop at websites, videos and mobile apps. There are number of additional aspects that need to be considered. For example graphic designs on your brochures, training materials for your staff and many more. Therefore having a responsive linguistic partner is of the utmost importance.

The LSP should have the ability to coordinate and manage all the resources properly and efficiently in order to complete the project on time and provide high quality localization services. The organization should have the capability to work on a set timetable and budget along with excellent and prompt communication skills. While hiring an LSP, as a client it is your responsibility to explain the expectations of your brand properly, thus ensuring that works gets done on time and with the highest quality.

Types of LSPs or Localization Partners

As with all other industries in the market, there too are many different types of LSPs in the market. Before deciding on your localizing partner it is important to understand all types of localization services in the points below we have explained the same for you.

1. LSP for Single-Language Localization-

There are many localization organizations which are present in target countries and only offer translation services in one specific language. These companies are experts in only one language and therefore are more affordable. If you are someone who is looking to expand operations in multiple locations at once, this won’t be a good choice for you.

2. LSP for Multi-Language Localization-

Most LSPs around the world operate in multiple languages. They have offices in multiple countries across the world employing several thousand professionals. Being a multinational organization, they have the ability to deliver multiple projects at the same time. The charges for these organizations are usually higher and therefore the service quality is also much better.

3. Company Employees-

If you are multinational organization yourself, you will have employees who speak different languages. You can use this resource at hand when an immediate translation is required and the LSP partner is unable to deliver. However you still need to hire an expert to ensure that the translations is being done correctly and it will meet your expectation and requirement.

4. Distributors-

Your organization has products that are sold at multiple locations across the world with the help of distributors and other channel partners. Although this is a cost effective way of operating, you truly don’t have control on how they translate your information since they are not paid to translate. Therefore you should always be prepared to face inconsistency in the sale of your products.

5. Freelance Translators-

Freelance translators should always be your last go to option. They are generally very affordable but limit their services to only one language and therefore if you have a project which requires multiple language translation, you need to hire multiple freelance translators. Additionally in order to manage the work effectively between so many freelancers and ensure quality you need to hire both a manager and a proof-reader.

Miscellaneous Factors

There are certain miscellaneous factors as well, which must be kept in mind –

1. Quality and Qualifications-

Before you hire an agency for your localization efforts you should make sure that they have the required skill-set and certifications such as ISO 9001 and EN 15038. Additionally you should check if all the translators employed by the organization has proper training in order to handle and manage the project efficiently. If the translator is a native speaker of the language, it will be an advantage to your organization since it will mean higher quality of translations. A clear understanding on What Is Localization Testing, is also an important concern.

2. Schedule and Cost-

One of the most important things you should consider is the schedule and cost that the translation agency is quoting you. The quote should complement the amount of work that needs to be invested and therefore it is always best to take quotes from multiple vendors before settling for one. Additionally the agency of your choice should be able to meet your expectations and deadlines as per your schedule.

3. Location-

The office location of your translation holds a lot of importance and can significantly affect the timeline of the project as well. If the translation agency is close by, it will allow you to meet more often and have face to face conversations which makes it easier to handle and deal with issues that might rop up from time to time.

4. Translation Tools-

Finally you should make sure that your translation partner is making use of the latest and most advanced translation tools in the market. This will make sure that the highest quality of work is delivered at all times. Also, make sure that the final result is scalable and your partner maintains the highest level of privacy and security while handling sensitive company information.

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