Contribution of Language Translators in Cyber Security

You may not know, but there is a huge need for Language translators in Cyber Security world. Today we will try to understand the basics and the purpose of the same.

To the untrained eye and oblivious people, it would be seem that the disciplines of cyber security and translation are nowhere related. But similar to all other industries in existence there is always a common point where both of them meet.

What Is Cyber Attack & How It Is A Threat To Businesses ?

In layman terms Cyber Attack is the process of launching an attack on an individual computer or group of computers by another computer or group of computers. Starting from heist attempts on banks, to attacks on a whole nation, there have been numerous cases of cyber-attacks in the last few years. Cyber Attacks can be basically broken down into two sub categories:

1.Where the end goal is to destroy the target computer and get it offline.

2.Where the end goal is gain access to the target computer’s files and gain admin access.

The techniques used by cyber criminals are wide spread. Some of the most common techniques used by attackers include the use of Malware, DOS or Denial of Service attack, Man in between attack and Phishing attack. And also these techniques have been used in a combination. For example, the victim is phished into downloading a file that contains malware and thereby ensuring the end goal of gaining access to the target computers file. This is why you may need Localize Customer Support, so that the langauge displayed is localzied as per your native culture and tongue, and you are protected against downloading corrupted files.

Gone are the days when hackers would only target large MNCs and organizations for a successful cyber-attack. These day’s hackers target small and medium scale businesses as well. Last year, IBM calculated a total theft of more than 879,582 United States Dollars in company files and assets which made the companies suffer a total loss of 955,429 USD.

Although it is tough to recover the stolen data from the attack, with a little persistence that too can be done. However what causes the major loss to small and medium scale businesses is the loss of clientele due to a scared reputation in the market. For example if a particular organization or company gets exposed in a cyber-attack and client or customer data is breached, the organization is legally bound to disclose that data to the client. This leads to a distrust among customers which further leads to loss of clientele in the long run.

Focus On User Interfaces

In the world of Information Technology, UI or User Interface is the screen on an information device with which the end user interacts. User Interfaces are available in a variety of choices like keyboard, mouse, display screen and the arrangement of icons in a desktop.

The user interface decides the way how a user will interact with a website or an application. With the increase in the use of web applications in the past few years, organizations are focusing more on UI like never before in order to improve the overall experience of the end user.

As discussed above, when a user is dealing with cyber security he or she needs to properly understand what each and every icon on the desktop screen and other applications on the computer mean. Without this knowledge, the user will not able to differentiate between what he should or shouldn’t click in order to prevent a cyber-security attack. This is where the application of language translation comes into place.

With the help of transcription services, organizations can ensure that the content on the user interface is localized and he or she knows which click will go where and do what. With language translation everything that appears on a user’s screen can be localized and therefore the user will be more aware as to the result of his or her action.

If you move aside from personal computers for a moment and take a look at mobile devices, the situation is almost the same. In a mobile device with a touch display, all the apps come with a label and a description in the About Us section. If the user cannot comprehend this data because it is in a language foreign to him or her, they wouldn’t be aware of what result their action would entail. Similarly without the presence of app labels, the user won’t know which app does what.

With the help of quality translation services operating both on mobile and desktop devices, one can ensure that the user knows at all times what he or she is doing.

Authentic Translation For Complex And Critical Texts

As we all might know the translation of texts is not an easy task. There are several Localization Challenges for Businesses. The underlying principle behind this being that every language is different and comes with a different level of understanding and comprehension. In today’s world most users solely rely on translation services run by machine language algorithms for their translation needs. Although apps like Google translate are improving by the day, it is far from perfect and therefore the need for human translators.

Lets take an example of how a hacker can exploit your privacy by using a foreign language for communication. For example you are a native Indian speaker and one day receive an email written in Mandarin, asking you to click a particular link. Since you don’t speak Mandarin you first instinct would be to use Google translate to understand the meaning or even worse to directly click the link. This link will surely contain a malware which will get downloaded to your system in the background. Similarly popups from antivirus software’s warning the users of an unsafe website is not useful if the language used is not known to the user. Being oblivious to a foreign language and not looking for professional localization is the easiest way one can fall prey to cyber-attacks.

Facilitating Communication Among Cyber Security Experts

The Cyber Security problem is a global issue and there are thousands of experts working on this from around the world. It would be foolish to assume that all these exert from around the world will know how to communicate in fluent English. Therefore the need of professional translation firm is so prominent. With the help of a language translator, a cyber-security can properly and accurately translate the latest discoveries in cyber security effectively with his counterpart, thereby ensuring that the security of the larger objective which is world security.

Protecting Confidential Data Of Clients

In most cases when an organization hires a language translator or an agency, it faces several Types of issues in Translation, as sensitive client information is shared with them. This sensitive information may include business strategies, contacts and plan of action. Thus it becomes the sole responsibility of the translator to ensure that no third party gets access to this data.

If any situation the client data is leaked, it may cause a severe loss the parent organisation and therefore translators are expected to take utmost care when handling such sensitive data.

Translators And Interpreters Role In Cyber Security

In conclusion to the entire article, we can summarize that the need of language translators is very high in the cyber security industry. Here’s a quick repay of the roles and responsibilities they play in the industry:

1. Design and translate user interface so that all users are well aware of the intricacies while operating either a mobile or desktop environment.

2. Helps in ensuring the efficacy and accuracy of translating complex texts and phrases.

3. Helps cyber security experts from different regions of the world communicate effectively and promptly so that the latest discoveries in the industry are updated regularly within the community.

4. Handles sensitive client information during localization services and ensures their safety and security.

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