Hiring a Low Cost Transcription Company: 5 Red Flags To Watch Out For

Do you have a video or audio file to be transcribed in different languages? Are thinking about hiring a low-cost transcription company? Don’t you know about the red flags associated with such companies that offer transcription at very cheap rates?

Don’t worry.

This blog is a definitive guide for business owners like you, who prefer to go for transcription agencies that quote the cheapest rate in the market.

There is no problem in choosing a suitable local transcription company near you, which you feel is right. But, there is definitely a problem when you choose the cheap transcription firm to fulfill your transcription needs.

So, scroll down to know about the dangers you invite by hiring cheap transcription providers.

5 Red Flags That Prevents Your Hiring Low-Cost Transcription Company

When you hire cheap services, you get cheap quality in return. This is applicable to everything that you see in the market – clothes, accessories, shoes, furniture and even intangible services.

Hence, when you begin to strongly believe that low-cost transcribing company would offer you high-quality services, the downfall starts from there itself.

To avoid this, you need to see the real picture and watch out for some prominent red flags that say you are in danger.

1- Inaccuracy

No matter how miserly you are willing to spend on transcription, you will never want the output to be inaccurate.

Transcribing vendors who quote cheaper rates for various types of business transcription, often use the software.

Despite knowing the cons of voice recognition software on output, they actively use the software for the very reason that they have quoted a cheaper rate to you. So, you must beware of lucrative-looking low rates.

2- No Confidentiality Assurance

When you hire a low-rate transcription, you can never be sure if the vendor will keep your information safe. It is not a hard-and-fast rule that low-rate transcribing vendors do not pay heed to your data security.

However, since they do not invest in their security systems or sign a confidentiality NDA with you, there are chances that your information is at risk.

If you are a business owner, follow some useful guide to select transcription company to reach the right vendor.

3- Unprofessional Attitude

Vendors that offer low rates are often the ones that have an unprofessional attitude. They will not sign any contract with you, not commit to quality and will not be serious about deadlines.

If you visit their site, you will that everything is perfect, but once you outsource the project, you will get to know the real difference.

4- No native transcribers

Another important point that you must consider is that the low-rate vendors do not get your work done by native transcribers. Hence, you cannot expect a completely accurate copy of the transcript from such a vendor.

On the other hand, if you outsource transcription solutions from a professional company, it will make sure that your project is handled by natives – Australians for Australian English, Russians for Russian language transcription requirements etc.

5- Charge Additional Fees

While looking for a transcription vendor online, you may come across vendors who charge cheap rates and other additional fees, once you outsource the project. This is done just to convert you into their customer.

Once it is successfully done, they ask you to pay additional charges for shorter timelines, poor audio quality and audio having multiple speakers. There can be additional costs as well.

So, How to Hire a Trusted Transcription Provider?

Now that you are aware of the major drawbacks of hiring cheaper vendors, it is time to look at some useful tips to find the right business transcription provider.

Look for a vendor who offers –

Competitive rates with no quality compromise
Fastest turnaround time (2-24 hours)
Previous work samples to check the quality
100% confidentiality of data
High quality by native experts
Must be ISO certified
Must be able to handle bulk assignments

With these simple tips in mind, you can surely connect to a professional company in the industry.

These tips can be best described as essential traits of transcription service provider, like TridIndia which never fails to deliver high-quality results to you in the least possible time frame.

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