What is Business Transcription and Types of Business Transcription?

The subtleties of business communication have changed immensely. Nowadays, companies convey their business information and interact with the audience via various audio and video mediums. It is very important for businesses to record their audio and video content for commercial purpose and then turn it into text through business transcription.

Many audios and video content, in the form of investor meetings, presentations, and conference calls, are generated in the business world on a regular basis. All of these are very essential and may showcase critical financial data, and are utilized to establish a new business.

Professional business transcription makes sure that you have a record of the conversations which is associated with the marketing, financial, and legal decisions in the text format.

In this blog, we will read more about accurate business transcription and its types.

What is Business Transcription?

Professional business transcription is a process of converting audio or video files into text format for companies from various industries.

Every company, registered with the stock market needs to obey the condition of conducting every meeting on their business, thus updating their performance of a business to their investors.

While the meeting gets conducted, meanwhile the coordinator records the entire conversation and sends it to the transcriber. The transcriber then goes through the entire recording, transcribes it, and then sends it back to the company in a text format.

Major Types of Business Transcription

1. Edited Transcription

Edited transcription is where the script is formalized and then edited properly for ensuring conciseness, readability, and clarity. Edited transcription highlights problems like slang, grammatical mistakes, as well as incomplete sentences. Therefore, this type of effective transcription is vital.

When transcribing recorded materials, edited transcription also corrects the punctuation and spelling and can present the words more formally.

In the below-mentioned example, you can observe how using edited transcription would change the author’s voice.

Unedited: “My father told us- me and my sister, ‘Y’all should eat vegging at suppertime.”

Edited: “My father told me and my sister to eat veggies at dinner.”

2. Verbatim Transcription

Verbatim transcription captures both the verbal as well as non-verbal components of the discussion being transcribed. This means that slang, fillers, stammers, and all the information misplaced in transcription are rectified.

The bulk of information needed to be put in writing in verbatim transcription is way heavier, this makes the work more complex than it usually looks.

Apart from the essence of the message, everything recorded in the audio or video files, from the shifts in emotion and tone, to the interruptions in the speech are kept in mind in the final output.

The process of verbatim transcription means to transcribe the content of an audio or video recording. It becomes an important tool for research, specifically for new projects that a brand wants to execute. This shows the major importance of top-notch transcription for business.

3. Intelligent Transcription

Sometimes considered as intelligent verbatim transcription, this solution is majorly considered with transcribing audio into readable texts.

Here, well-experienced transcribers have much leeway to edit and deduct the parts of speech in comparison to other varieties of transcription.

Despite clinging completely to the speech as it was uttered, intelligent transcription focuses on conveying the correct meaning of the speech in a comprehensive way. This can involve repeated sentences and phrases.

Included: A version of the recording which initiates clear communication of the meaning of what was being said. Grammar and punctuation errors will be corrected when it’s suitable.

Not included: Plus, the removal of non-verbal communications, all repetitions, filler words, and off-topic content will be deducted from the final product. The transcript may not prominently match the audio when it comes to speech uttered but should maintain the original meaning of what was actually said.

The incorporation of transcription provided by an experienced local transcription company near you, either as a tool or a service provided to a brand’s customer base involves a desire to increase efficiency, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness.

Hence, when employed strategically, it could help in the company’s growth and expansion for the long term.


Business transcription has made it easier for every company to keep the records of their crucial business meetings that could help in making profits and ensure a clear understanding of information between two parties.

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